Never Give Up!

Jennifer  Fraunfelder never gave up and now she sews through the night filling orders for her etsy shop SouthernBabies   She’s getting the kids to school, feeding the cat, and no wonder with all our daily tasks we want to throw the towel in when business doesn’t run smoothly!  This sweet gal like all of us at one time or another, including myself have persevered! Listen if you are making it through these tough economic challenges chances are you will be poised for success when this is all behind us!!  Jennifer thanks for not giving up on your dream because we all need your success story to motivate us!!! Love you girl!  6mos-4T.

Sassy Stitches By Lori Sews up a Satchel!

Can you say that 10 times fast?! Wow! Looky how our friend Sassy Stitches By Lori pairs this refreshing combo from Honey Child and Queen Street!

We’re always up for a good ole Sis Boom clutch … something compact and bright that we can carry under our arm to an event. The beauty of something like this is that it can take you from a stroll at the park to an afternoon wedding!

A Special Quilt Made by a Special Stephanie!

At our last Sis Boom sale in Wilton we met some very special peeps.

One lovely lady, Stephanie, brought her sweet quilt to share with us and it warmed our hearts! (We were a little disappointed that she didn’t forget it at our house!)

We’re loving how Stephanie added solid blocking in there, which really helps define the pattern and create a bold contrast!

If you’d like to email Stephanie with any questions, please feel free to do so by clicking here.

Ok. So Maybe We’re Partial…

We LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your Marissa and Jamie photos, but we can’t help but to go crazy over this very special moment…

Our very own Miss Katie sporting a Jamie Dress. Crazy beautiful, right? This particular dress is made with Queen Street’s Dolin!!

We know you saw a similar photo a few days ago, but we felt we’d give you more!! Stunning, that Katie! Oh.. and the dress too 🙂 Make your very own, special Jamie with our super PDF!

In less than two short weeks!

The Sis Boom Halter Dress/top!!!!!  Make it your signature!!  This is going to be a hot one..Is she lovely or what..Our sweet Kelsey!! Photo by Tim Geaney as if you didn’t know.  Watch You Can Make This for our latest in Apparel!! Oh and stock up on Queen Street cause this look is fabulous!!

Grandmas YO YO Quilt

Sometimes it’s just cool to find a place that makes you happy. I just love the bed with it’s wonderful Yo Yo headboard and the wonderful Sis Boom Pillows from Peking.  Places on the blog to purchase our products..just a snapshot of life here at home..I hope it inspires you all to do great things and look at life a little differently.  By the way you and your wonderful comments mean the world to Me and I’m so glad you like West Indies!!

A pretty Place to Nap

MODPODGE ROCKS… no, Seriously

Amy Anderson has it all wrapped up when it comes to Mod Podge influencing even the diehard users such as myself. Years ago I would create suitcases with Mod Podge from old Story Books.  I always had a hard time with the finishing stage.  Using varnishes and such , the suitcases couldn’t open would yellow etc… so then I tweeted to Amy what do we use to seal and Voila she tweeted back use a Matte acrylic sealer spray or paint on and look how lovely this turned out.

P.S. they do open. Just mod Podge and scraps and sealer.  Hats off to our girl Amy!!

The Belle & The Beau.. um, Hello! SO COOL!

We were so lucky to meet lovely Amy at Quilt Market, where she excitedly told us about her fabulous site, The Belle and the Beau. We couldn’t check it out fast enough when she described the ways she used our beloved Queen Street for the Queen Street Tie Collection. Amy— You’re awesome!

What a wonderful concept, what stunning products, and what an honor to be represented! You’ve all gotta check it out– Amy’s got something for everyone and for every occasion!

Sequins, Felt, and Laminate.. Oh boy!

These precious little gems were whipped up by Jennifer … She sewed glitzy, happy sequins atop little circles of felt. Who knew that combo would be so magical?!

Spread these beauties out on some Queen Street laminate and viola… just a pretty scene! These will make awesome embellishments, ornaments, a garland, a gift topper.. and the list goes on!

Remix, Refresh, Renew

Melissa P of A Hundred Billion Stars sure knows how to mix it up! By Pairing Loopy Vintage Floral & Polly Stripe, a la Flower Power with our new Queen Street Maritza, we got a whole new vibe goin’ on here, and we’re in love!

photo borrowed from 100 Billion Stars

photo borrowed from 100 Billion Stars