There’s a New Girl in Town

Hello fellow Sis Boom admirers! My name is Lisa and I am the newest addition to Team Sis Boom! From here on out one of my many tasks here will be to serve as your Style Maven! We’ll talk about the latest trends in fashion, fabrics, furniture and many more things that don’t necessarily start with an “F”. Before we get to that, here’s a little bit about me: I grew up in Connecticut with a fierce passion for design.  While I studied creative writing my background includes running a children’s shop, bedding design, interior design, visual merchandising and being a pretty awesome Aunt to 4 little girls and 1 little man. In 2008 I caught a glimpse of my very fist Sis Boom design (in the collection “Bell Bottoms”) and instantly became a fan!  To quote my brand new Twitter account ( I’m a “lover of laughter, textiles, elephants, pineapples, triangles, the beatles and much, much more!”  I am thrilled to be working side by side with Jennifer and Co. and cannot wait to meet and speak with each and every one of you!


For my first post I’ve decided to let my OCD get the best of me and bring something to your attention….Have you noticed that the dots featured in JennyEliza on the JoAnn Fabrics website look enormous?!? I promise you they are not! The image shown is a highly pixelated version! I want you guys to know exactly what you’re getting so below please take a look the ACTUAL scale of the dots featured on our lovely Sophie. I’ve included the pixelated version as well for your viewing pleasure. PHEW! I feel better getting that off my chest!


Thank you so much for welcoming me into your world Sis Boom fans!


Untill next time –



Sophie2 SophieMumper dotsalot


P.S. Here’s a picture of me in all my Sis Boom glory!


My Sissy’s BFF

Lisa is special, the kind of girl you would love to know.  I remember meeting her for the first time , beautiful, striking and the kind of smile that swallows you whole and makes you feel like you belong.  I love her because she loves my sissy and brings her and her daughter Sophie the most immense selfless love. What I love most about her lately is that she stepped into a passion that she had held off on for so many years.  When I saw this I knew she was destined for great things.  Maybe not overnight and maybe not next week but a small smoldering fire was ignited and as artists we all know that we can’t put it out we have to come clean and honor it or we feel like a sell out of some kind.  Lisa I wish you tenderness as you make peace with this conflict and somehow find the balance. Reach back in time to Grandma’s love and embrace those memories. Read her story here.

Lisa Love

Something to LOVE

We spotted something very special on a very special blog… Weblog of an Ordinary Woman… and might we add that this “Ordinary Woman” is a rather extraordinary woman!!!… She whipped up TWO maternity tops in ONE day… and what was so cool…?! One of them is in Poodle! The extraordinary woman shares that the pattern was made with Newlook 6887. How fun!

Check out her blog for tons of inspiration on adorable little baby clothes, clothes for mom-to-be, and Mother – Daughter matching outfits!!!

psssst…. February is less than 24 hours away! The Official month of LOVE!! Get ready!