Spring Fling

The buds are budding, the sun is peaking through and those birds are definitely chirping. Spring is moments away from filling our every day with sweet smelling grass and warm, rainy days. LOVE IT!

Of course, with our Sis Boom brains, all we can think about is sewing, making, and crafting. And when we think about sewing.. and wearing… all we can think about are those Judy’s fancy pants. Light and airy with a sweet white tank and cardigan- Perfecto. Throw on some chunky pearls and bangles- viola.
What are you all working on this week? Keep sharing your comments and designs with us – we love hearing from you, always!

Judy Fancy Pants Pattern Cover

Sis Boom SPRING Room

OMG stoppit, IKEA. Are you serious with this incredible, green, velvet couch?! I can’t.. Its color, its texture, its attitude… a trifecta of perfection. Next best thing? Sis Boom pillows, clearly… with a few more IKEA splashes, a dash of Anthropologie, a smattering of Layla Grayce, and a sweet book to top it all off, we’re pretty sure this is a perfect Sis Boom SPRING room. The sun is shining and we are HAPPY!

Close your eyes and imagine that your snuggled up on this couch with some fresh cookies and a warm Spring breeze. Perfecto.





Things I Want My Daughter To Know Book $19.99
IKEA fortjust bowl $4.99
Charlston Rancher Hat $48

Kalindi Napkin $12
IKEA Brasa Lamp $119
IKEA Stockholm $999
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Embroidered Pillow $140
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Pebbles Embroidered Pillow $140
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Rectangles Embroidered Pillow $130
Socker watering can $4.99
Confetti Flora Rug $78


It’s Friday!! Happy Friday!! Here’s our girl Jessica of Love Colorful, with an awesome place card holder project using our Sis Boom Spring Egg CLIP ART download!

These eggs are an awesome diy project for the little kids when you want to stay away from messy egg dying & drying..

Hey everyone! For this week’s Sis Boom Clip Art Series I’ve got a quick & easy project that’s perfect to jazz up your Easter table!


For this project, you will need:

Sis Boom Spring Eggs Clip Art file (printed out on glossy photo paper with names added  – you can do this digitally before you print, or use a permanent marker/stickers to add them in after)
-empty toilet paper rolls
-colored paper
-hot glue
-Easter grass
-tissue paper, ribbon, and assorted candies/confetti/trinkets

Start by cutting out a piece of colored paper to fit around the TP roll. Add a strip of hot glue where you start, and some where you finish so the paper completely covers the roll.  Use a variety of colors to match your decor!

Next take some Easter grass and hot glue some to one side of the roll.  (and cut out your eggs!)

Glue your eggs on next!

Take a piece of decorative tissue paper and fill with an assortment of treats and confetti. Roll it up, tie both ends with some ribbon, and you’re good to go! How easy was that? 🙂

THANKS JESSICA!! … Now go to Love Colorful to see the beautiful finished product that Jessica made. You have a couple weeks to make yours… and $5 gets you Sis Boom eggs for life! Keep them and print them every year!

Have FUN!


Eggtastic Sis Boom Tutorial!!!

Ok, pardon our chees-tastic post title… but these are pretty egg-tastic, eh? You know it… After the photos below, see how you can make your very own eggs with our FREE DOWNLOAD! YEAH! While we also love dying Easter eggs, this is a no-mess, quick and fun project!

Download the Paper egg PDFs (simply by clicking on the photos below), print them out on some nice card stock paper or photo paper, and then go crazy!

We attached wooden dowels to the backs of our eggs with some hot glue and then stood them straight up in a basket! How about attaching tooth picks on the backs and popping them out of cupcakes?! Maybe even making a little paper egg bouquet?! So cute! Have fun

Click on photos below to download your very own eggs!!!!

Flip That House!

Hey friends!! Boy, do we have a renewal story for you!!!… We had a bunch of these really sweet little vintage houses, and while there was something very special about them– the color and happiness just wasn’t there.

The cuteness, but lack of pizazz inspired us to flip them… and so we did just that! By dismantling each house, re-painting, glittering, adding charm in the windows, and re-assembling them, it’s now clear to see that these were much needed renovations… these houses are soo sweet, shimmery, and happy!! If only we could figure out a way to live inside

Each home comes complete with plumbing, heating, washer, dryer, backyard, and electricity. just kidding.

Aren’t they so sweet!? Thanks Tim Geaney for capturing the magic of these little houses in your awesome photos!

Loving what you see? We just put ’em up FOR SALE in our store (that’s right, Houses for sale!!!)!! And the market in this housing department proves to be very good :)…. Plus, the super fun part about purchasing a little house is the surprise element… order either a single dwelling home ($25 including shipping) or a double dwelling home ($30 including shipping) and we’ll surprise you with your one-of-a-kind abode.