It’s time for another TUTORIAL!

Enjoy this Glitzy Sequins on Felt tutorial. Let us know how it goes!


Without further ado, I hand the Sis Boom glittery mic over to Jessica of LOVE COLORFUL for our weekly Sis Boom CLIP ART par-tay!

Looking for an festive DIY decoration that’s perfect for Spring and easy to make?  I’ve got the perfect project for this week’s Sis Boom Clip Art Series project: a sequin flower tree!

This project features the Sis Boom Felt Sequin Flowers clip art!

They’re so colorful and fun and will give you the look of real hand-sewn felt flowers (without all the time consuming work of actually sewing on each sequin!)

For this project you will need:

Sis Boom Hand-Sewn Felt Flowers & Sequins clip art file

-a styrofoam cone

-green tinsel glitter

-metallic origami paper

-8 1/2″ x 11″ sticker paper that can be used in an inkjet printer (I found mine at a local office supply store)

-sequin pins & a couple of sequins

-glue, scissors

To start, cover the styrofoam cone with glue and sprinkle on glitter. Shake off excess and let dry. (You can also spray with an acrylic sealer if you want to make sure the glitter stays!)

Print the clip art file on the sticker paper. You can also scale down the image to make a variety of flower sizes – just remember to save a copy of the file and then scale the image to 75%, 50%, etc.  Cut the flowers out into individual pieces – this part doesn’t have to be super clean as you will cut out the actual shape of the flower in a moment. Peel off the backing and stick a flower to the backside of a piece of origami paper (sticky side of flower to white side of origami paper) so that the backside of the flower becomes shiny. Cut out the flowers again, this time cutting around the petals. “Crinkle” each flower by bending up the edges to give it some dimension.

*If you can’t find sticker paper, you can still achieve the same effect by gluing each flower to the origami paper, but you’ll have to wait some extra time while each one dries.  The sticker paper just makes it super quick and easy!

Using the sequin pins, pin each flower to the styrofoam tree, placing a real sequin in the middle to give it a little extra shine.

Pop over to LOVE COLORFUL to see the beautiful finished product. You’ll love it– Promise!

Sequins and Felt

So here’s what’s shaking at my place.  As you know this is one of my very favorite things to do and I am having a ball with creating some stockings for next year.  Yes all year long I work on handcrafted Christmas.  I have come to a big decision that Sis Boom will only do a show at Christmas and email sales throughout the year so if we have your email you will be notified of sales in Ct.  Life is good, busy, hectic and in order for me to keep pace I’ve decided one big show is better than trying to hand create for two shows.  I hope you’ll join us at Christmas for this big extravaganza!!! I hope your year is off to a great start!!!! I have designed several lines of fabric so be watching for them.  Happy Land is next after Super Fly so be watching!!!! xoxoxoxo

Today I’m working on Happy Land due out in October

Recoloring, rethinking, but this one was spot on!!  A heart for all of you because that’s what I’m feeling!!  It’s cold here and I am hunkered down sewing sequins and ensuring that Happy Land is everything you guys love in this world.  I am pumped for this incredible New Year.  Stop by often, remember to play and always stay true to you!

You Mean the World to me!!!

A bit of Sparkle

A bit of sequin sparkle

Sweeter than Sweet

oh my gosh how i love to play in my completes me!  Decorating the place in hopes that everyone gets in the Holiday mood..Things we make here at Sis Boom.

Here I go again

If you can’t find me it’s cause I’m hand sewing sequins again. It’s my absolute fave!!  It takes me to amazing places.  Travel with me let go and deserve it!!

Sequins, Felt, and Laminate.. Oh boy!

These precious little gems were whipped up by Jennifer … She sewed glitzy, happy sequins atop little circles of felt. Who knew that combo would be so magical?!

Spread these beauties out on some Queen Street laminate and viola… just a pretty scene! These will make awesome embellishments, ornaments, a garland, a gift topper.. and the list goes on!