Renew, Refresh, Reorganize

It’s already the 19th of January, our month for renewal, and while you’re all sending in beautiful, wonderful, inspirational comments for our 10 Yard Raffle (ends tomorrow!), we thought we’d touch on the touchy subject of organizing a workspace. Why? We couldn’t help but notice that a lot of your comments pertain to getting back in your offices & studios, organizing yourselves, and creating new goodies.

It’s inevitable. Once the imagination gets going, glitter starts flying, paper goes everywhere, needles and thread get strewn, and by the end of even just 1 whirlwind hour of creating it’s like a tornado ripped through your crafting room! Right or wrong?!

A lot of beautiful work gets done that way, and it’s difficult to clean while creating… but you will find that the more organized you are when you begin, organizing can automatically fit in to the creating process simply by always knowing where things are (easy to find & use) and putting them back when you’re done (so the next time you go to create, it’s just as easy to locate your materials).

So, take some time this weekend… Set a goal for yourself to organize your office and have fun. Make a nice cup of tea, put on your favorite CD and chill out. Enter your craft room with a peaceful mind, as not to get overwhelmed, and just go for it! Get started by piling like objects together until you sort out all contents into a handful of piles. Keep a trash bag nearby for scraps, and donate things that you don’t have use for anymore. Re-familiarizing yourself with your materials also helps spark the imagination and can be totally inspiring.

You can do it! Go on! Have fun!

Once you’ve finished the job give yourself a big pat on the back & go play in the snow! Georgie will be waiting for ya!

Raffle Time!

If January is a month for renewal, help us breathe some new life into these gorgeous oldie, but goody, Sis Boom fabrics!

We’re declaring this a raffle!!! What’s at stake? 10 yards of Sis Boom goodness! In order to enter the raffle, comment on this post and share a concept of renewal for January! (Gasp – can you believe January is almost half way over?!)

Let’s renew while we can! Have fun! Winner will be announced next Thursday! Ready. Set. GO!

Time For Positive Change!

Being that January is the Sis Boom month for renewal and loving oneself, we want to help you all conquer those itty bitty tasks that have been looming over your heads for months. Simple things, like, you know, organizing your jewelry, writing letters to renew friendships, reading that book you’ve been dying to get your hands on… you get the point.

Our fun idea is to print our this cute, simple template and use it to write your to do list, or goal list down. Set it on your desk and add to it as needed. Hopefully the Queen Street Madeline will cheer you up and encourage you to forge ahead. Reach all your goals? Print out this puppy and write a note to a friend or family member just to say hey!

To use: click on photo below to download PDF. Write away! Conquer goals! You can do it!

January is the Month to Love Yourself!

We have officially proclaimed January as the month of renewal and the month to love yourself!

Try new things often and give yourself whatever it is you need to feel peace each and every day. Here is a little craft for you… It will constantly remind you how important it is to pay attention to yourself!

In addition to making this sweet banner for yourself, try to do a little bit of the following… we will too 🙂

  • Create a loving mantra that you can repeat in the mirror
  • Journal your thoughts before the demands of the day crowd in
  • Create an enchanting place to nurture yourself
  • Do one thing you’re afraid to do

Print out these 3 pages (downloadable PDFs – just click on ’em to download).. cut them out and punch two holes along the top… string a sweet ribbon through them all… and viola. Most importantly– don’t forget to Love Yourself!