Today I’m working on Happy Land due out in October

Recoloring, rethinking, but this one was spot on!!  A heart for all of you because that’s what I’m feeling!!  It’s cold here and I am hunkered down sewing sequins and ensuring that Happy Land is everything you guys love in this world.  I am pumped for this incredible New Year.  Stop by often, remember to play and always stay true to you!

You Mean the World to me!!!

A bit of Sparkle

A bit of sequin sparkle

16 Responses to “Today I’m working on Happy Land due out in October”

  1. jenny fish says:

    OH MY WORD! I am just about to hit post on my blog post about all the great things you have in store for us in 2012! Gotta add this one!

  2. Monique says:

    Love love love!! Did I say love???? Are you doing any home dec prints????:)

  3. Looking forward to Happy Land! Love the name!

  4. Melissa P says:

    Wow! You are in high gear for the new year. You never cease to amaze me!

  5. Jeanne says:

    I love it! And I love having new lines to look forward to!

  6. I am moving to Happy Land!! And bringing crazy love with me and looking super fly!!! Wow, all of this from one amazing talent!!!! Love……

  7. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Happy Land sounds like the place to be! Your heart of flowers is so beautiful and the sequin sparkles look so lovely! What a wonderful hint of what’s to come!

  8. Crissy says:

    Oh! Exciting!! I love Sis Boom colors! And the name Happy Land makes me smile.

  9. Courtney says:

    Simply devine. Looks like a happy place to me!

  10. jennifer fraunfelder says:

    oh my goodness .my girl vibe is ready to take a trip to happy land. So beautiful. I can hardly contain my excitement. Jenn, heaven must be draped in everything sis boom because I tell you, everything you do is just that spectacular and grand as heaven would be. My pockets are gonna be empty this year for sure but my fabric stash will be filled with lots of sis boom perfection. Can not wait Jenn. You are so amazing. love ya girl

  11. Terrie says:

    Can’t wait for Happy Land, that is where I want to be right now. You are the best, so creative, wonderful sense of all things bright, happy and fun. Also, an incredibly nice person. May you have a wonderful year ahead. Keep on creating! xoxo

  12. Jamie Harned says:

    Jennifer F. just told me about did I miss it? Oh JOY!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  13. cant wait, it will be incredible!!

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