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Wow, what a week of wonderful articles about Sis Boom and Jenny Eliza feeling so honored.  Life here is good on the farm. (figurtively due to the labradoodle energy as many of you know.)  We have been snowed in for days and I have just been creating designs I think you will love.  First up we have the wonderful GenQ Magazine which I have to say I loved Scott Hansen’s out of the box questions. What an incredible writer.  Just one correction , I was never on staff or even considered a contributing editor to Country Living Magazine, I just came up with a ton of crafts for them and Nancy Soriano was just the best editor ever!!  period!!  I had more fun in those years and I love all my girlfriends from those years. We were one big family!!! I did craft videos and staged photo shoots in my home it was out of this world.  I loved going to the Hearst Building and showing my stuff!!   They were always so receptive and always wanted more!!! They hold a dear place in my heart. So with that all that said forgive the mis-communication Scott and of course I missed it on the proof read..#Mybad.  The interview was so stimulating and the questions took me back to my childhood and I thank them for the time I got to reflect and see the island’s impact on my soul!!!! Scott of Blue Nickel Studios my sincerest thanks!! Check out his blog he is one fine quilter in huge demand!!!


Next up my on line girlfriend Chloe Owens is starting an amazing online magazine and approached me for an interview. For those who don’t know Chloe I feel privileged to introduce you.  She is an amazing crafter and I know you will agree, you may already have her books in your stash!! See below and get to amazon!!!  so from my understanding she has launched this amazing online magazine that is sure to become your go to for fun projects and reads!!!  The name of the mag is Bibelot, the book of creative curiosities never heard the word but when I saw the definition I was on board!! My deepest thanks to Chloe for her genius and for supporting the handmade, artistic community!!  I also loved the interview, very creative questions!!


Bibelot – [Bi-be-loh]


1.         An attractive or curious trinket.

2.         A small object of curiosity, beauty or rarity.

3.         A miniature book, especially one that is finely crafted.

Bibelot, “The Little Book of Creative Curiosities”, will be a quarterly craft, design and lifestyle magazine celebrating the hand-made, the ethical, and the unique.

Bibelot is about more than craft projects; it represents an imaginative and sustainable way of life. Readers will feel stimulated, uplifted and motivated.

Bibelot will begin its life as a blog, an online hub bringing artistic, original and innovative people together. It’s a space for sharing ideas, learning and sparking inspiration!

Below is some old PR from my Country Living Days!!oyesteryear odiddy ogenq old PRohyes ohmy ohclhoe ohyes

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So Thankful!!!

Thank you all for making Thanksgiving so special, you remind me everyday to be grateful even if you are just scared to put a zipper in.  I get it and my new motto is “step into it” .  I don’t want to be scared because most of my fears always come out with the same outcome….”that wasn’t so bad” . You all teach me to go for it!! I’m amazed at some of the hard stuff you walk through..’yikes’ but together we can do the unthinkable.  I just love you all for trying.  So here’s to you!! Love through the season.  I’ll be thinking of you. xo Jenniferaheart

Tissue Pattern Paper Posies!

Try and say that 10 times in a row! Ok, don’t.. because it’s impossible 🙂

Enjoy this free, fun, fabulous tutorial with Jennifer. She will walk you through the process of making your very own bouquet from… vintage tissue paper patterns!

HAVE FUN! If you haven’t yet, visit our brand new TUTORIAL PAGE.. Go Crazy!


August 23rd… ONE LAST DAY!



On the 23rd we will be opening our doors for ONE DAY from 12-5. A lot of friends didn’t get to join us for our first Summer sale… and so we’re going for it one more time! Bring your friends, bring your bags, bring your excitement and get ready to shop shop shop! Limited fabric, but lots of jewelry, pillows, crafts, books, journals, notecards, and a GREAT place to buy gifts. Can’t wait to see you all there!


Make mine Chunky Zebra!!

The Marlo top on Liz so fresh so cool, so comfortable.  I think our Aussie friends will love this at any time of year.  Australia is one of our largest demographics so whenever you work with Sis Boom fabric think of vacationland!!!  We are so grateful to all of our customers who have put us on the map before all of you noone one knew what a Sis Boom was!!!! 🙂  So I am thinking of all of you today as I post a picture of beautiful Liz in her marigold zebra!!  Are you a seller? Leave a comment please!!! Let us know you carry this heavenly fabric.  We are big fans of the gorgeous Marlo Top and as you can see it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  This Friday a winner for Carla Crim’s Sewn Hats will be announced so leave a comment..xo

PS Create better photos , wrap a plain canvas in your favorite Sis Boom fabric and watch the world change to color right before your eyes..Fabrics are 45″ wide so bear that in mind when purchasing your canvas, 40″ is perfect.

Wherever you are ..Have the best day ever.  Never forget you have a choice. xo

A Tim Geaney Photo.

Thank You Columbus!!!

Thank you Columbus for your big welcome to Sis Boom and the lovely Earth Angels.  We can never thank you enough!!  The Country Living Fair is near and dear to our hearts and you always make us feel so good.  I get to travel with the most impressive group of women in the craft world and Jen O’Conner is amazing at discovering great talent.  We are there the whole weekend except maybe for bathroom breaks so I am so dang tired but will look forward to next year because it’s so much fun.  We taught a bunch of simple crafts and you guys were so thirsty for some new projects.  So I’m kicking back today celebrating all of you and grateful you all are loving Happy Home.  Also a salute to my comrades at Folk Magazine for helping load the truck at the end of the day.. Helloooooo???? Can we get some handlers for next year????? I’m so sore!!  Give me a few days!!! xoxoxo