She Stops Traffic

Wherever we go folks want to know this beautiful woman.  She Glows.  Happy from the inside out folks see that when they meet her.  She has taught me so much over the years but mostly how to love, how to forgive and how to walk by his side.  She reminds me of how good life is even in that moment when the world feels like it’s falling down around me.  She’s a rock and in the summer I am lucky that she spends time with me and helps with the biz.  She’s actually wearing one of our newer styles called the  Claire which she named for one of my nieces. She loves that name. The business keeps her young and she loves to be involved and I love when she lends her sensibility. She’s a special lady as you can see by the light in her eyes that has been captured so beautifully by Tim Geaney and her make up by Nancy Geaney .  Yes that dynamic duo!!  love you Mom!!

Nancy, You Make Our Hearts Sing!!

As many of you know, and some may not, we are excitedly awaiting our next line, West Indies!!!! We promise to have it up on the site asap, but in the meantime, enjoy this bit of eye candy by our dear friend Nancy Geaney.

Would you all take a look at this amazing West Indies Quilt she created?!??!

This quilt is called the Voodoo magic quilt, and it’s obvious why– Yes, those pieces that look like they’re popping off the quilt actually are! Nancy is quite the quilt magician.

Nancy, you’ve really outdone yourself this time! Can’t you just see yourself sipping a tall glass of lemonade whilst sitting on this quilt, picnic style?! We can too!

Read Nancy’s Blog post, as she shares her inspiration for the quilt, a fun technique she used for the quilt, and where you can see a video tutorial as to make something like this at home!

Girl’s World Headdress

Styled by Nancy Geaney of Dark Horse Farm Designs, and taken by our most fave photog, Tim Geaney these photos beckon that Summer air and green grass. Tim & Nancy’s magic create and capture the most ethereal, most innocent, sweet, beautiful moment with our stunning model at Ambler Farm. These actual photos aren’t in Girl’s World, but they’ve certainly got that awesome vibe.

The headdress is one of the Hadley Headbands you’ll spot in Girl’s World (one of the 21 projects in the book for you to make!)… so special – we just LOVE them!… and the dress that our adorable model is wearing is the Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress!! (the same dress that’s on the cover of Girl’s World!)

The Whimsical Way of Girl’s World

We are so ecstatic to finally share with you the treasure we’ve kept a secret for so long. Now that we’re allowed to share and talk about it… we can’t stop!!!

All of these unreal photos were taken by the amazing Tim Geaney, wardrobe styled by the wondrous Ise White, photo styled by Quilter & amazing Creative Nancy Geaney, and set design by the extraordinary Mary Tucciarone Of Tucci Designs (as seen in Wilton Magazine – also photographed by Tim Geaney!!) Last but certainly not least, a HUGE shout out to our wonderful Maritza of Frama Sewing who brought so many amazing pieces of the puzzle to life by her magical upholstery touch!!! WOW what an amazing team!!!

The entire process from start to finish was so special and so much fun. Working with all the models, spending time with our dear friends who each had a special part in the book, and seeing the project evolve from a busy photo shoot full of little kids running around– to beautifully perfect photographs in a stunning publication is actually magical.

A Piece of Girl’s World…

We couldn’t possibly gush about Girl’s World without giving you a sneak peak into the beautiful pages… the heart and soul of the story… the precious Sis Boom moments so beautifully captured by our very dear Tim Geaney. Enjoy!…

It’s really just an itty bitty taste. The awesome models below are Sophie and Lola!

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney

Photo by Tim Geaney, Photo Styling by Nancy Geaney