What I’m talking about.

It’s a new world, it’s a new day and we are blessed to be part of these new emerging times.  Check out Judy Buchanan shedding light on the wonderful Jane in Superfly. Remember, Judy is your source for purchasing items if you don’t sew. Shop her adorable and wonderful selection HERE on ETSY, or contact her directly here.

Loving these bold prints juxtaposed with this Shabby Chic Interior.  We get to choose. How lovely is that?  There used to be so many rules. My mom reminds me of them all the time- mostly that everything from one era stayed in that era and that you didn’t mix. Now it’s so much more eclectic and we define our own style in making choices.  In my mind, there is a fresh breath in Judy’s take on the world and it is shown over and over on our facebook page.  She has style.

I hope you will join us on facebook— join the conversation, because everyone there wants to meet you and we are all saving a place for you.  If you love what we do here just stop in and meet like-minded friends.

So, here are some portraits from Georgia Handy’s latest photo shoot. (See more Georgia Handy HERE).  The brilliance of this combo below can’t be denied.  Your photographer and his interpretation is everything- that’s why I so love Mr. Tim Geaney who photographed both of our books, Girls World and Happy Home.  Purchase them for less than $35.00 on Amazon! (Now, that’s unheard of!).

Hoping for signed copies? Look no further – visit our shop.



What we are Loving today…Quilts

Rachael of Blue Mountain Daisy is a good friend to us!!!  She is a magician!! Look what she has done with Super Fly and some West Indies Scraps!!  By the way lots of your favorite fabrics are on ebay right now!!!  Search Jennifer Paganelli!!  I digress! We love Rachael , we love her photographs but most of all it’s her enthusiasm that resides in her quilts. They are energetic , happy, prose!!  Ok so grab up some Super Fly and get inspired!!  Thanks lovely girl!!!! and thanks to your handsome helper too!!!



I love Zebra but when I blew up the scale I loved it even more!!!  Judging by the orders you all can not get enough!!!

I like to show you anything done in this scale because it is so hard to visualize.  Check out Children’s clothing.  This is one of our facebook friends and she sells them as far as I can tell.  Meet Mickie-Allen Boothroyed stop by and say hello and tell her I sent you!!


Ok so in the flickr group once again and what do I find glorious laminate bags from Mechelle Renee. What’s up with that girl??  She’s a freakin machine!!!  Look at the size of these glorious bags!!!  Folks aren’t even aware of this laminate because it wasn’t in Vogue when we introduced them so lucky for you I found it at Fabric.com on Sale..Yes you heard right!!! onsale!!!! Mechelle when you have a chance share your blog with folks!!  I could not find it..xoxoxo