Mollie Makes US Edition!!

One of my favorite folks is in the very first US Edition of Mollie Makes and she utilized Beauty Queen in the sweetest of ways..Look at these Yummy sachets.  Kim Layton is just the kindest and sweetest girl on the planet. Truth be told she had 20,000 followers on twitter and she actually acknowledged me when I reached out.  Sometimes folks can get way to important about the numbers and the followers and forget they are actually real people following them.  I think its so important to acknowledge folks cause really people all want to be seen. I have never forgotten her for that.  We have become good friends and I love how she educates Etsy sellers on her blog Everything Etsy and shows ways for sellers to showcase and promote their product.  She and her husband do tutorials and sort through all the Etsy information to bring you ways to reach your Etsy audience. They are just a couple of good folks and I was so happy they were in Mollie Makes first US edition.  So get your copy and pour through the wonderful inspiring pages of Mollie Makes found here.  


kim mollie



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  1. Oh my gosh…I’m so touched by your sweet words! You are one of my favorite people! Thanks so much!


  2. Susan Caster says:

    Miss Jennifer, I’m just seeing this post and couldn’t leave without giving YOU a shout out. I feel absolutely the same way about you. I’m so grateful for the time you have given me…I remember how I felt when YOU answered the phone when I inquired about your open house and sale…I’m talking to a superstar! Since then, I hope your ears have been ringing happy tunes for all the times I have introduced your fabrics to someone and have told them what a wonderfully personable person created them! Thank you for the reminder that people just want to be seen…truly a life lesson. Thank you, Miss Jennifer, for seeing me. I’m blessed!

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