Valentines Day Bouquet

So here is a step by step of creating your very own sweet Valentine Heart Bouquet.  I have also used old love letters found at the flea-market or doilies or old sheet music make it as creative as you like..What I like to do is first make a collage and xerox so I don’t ruin these Vintage Valentines and I can use over and over.  I used old sheet music for the back. Then I get a fairly large heart punch.  When you have 40 of those cut out  take those floral wires I think they are 18″ long that are pre-cut from Joanns or Michaels and hot glue hearts at each end back to back so the pretty side faces out!!  Are you with me so far?  In the end you will have 40 hearts on 20 wires fold them up in half.  Clench together and then just naturally bend backwards to form a bouquet keeping the Valentine side up and sheet music down…takes some time but the wire makes them easy and bendable!!!  Pull tight with a ribbon continue to shape and reshape until desired results and pop anything in the middle for the sweetest results. Glue Down.  I so hope you are inspired and please show me yours Jenny yours is due by 5 o’clock  tomorrow..

Click here to download a PDF of my Vintage Valentine Collage!

collage backandfront glueback bent faceup clenchtight complete

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