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As you know we are getting ready for our annual show coming up Dec. 13, 14,15th that Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  So I just want to say I’m in the speed lane of crafting and enjoying my time immensely in the craft room.  My husband Peter and my assistant Madeline are making it so nice for me so that I ‘m free to create 100’s of items for the show so from October to December I don’t look up hardly.  But as crafters all know something amazingly divine happens when we are in the zone. It’s a magical time and I have so many ideas and those ideas breed new ideas so there is no time to despair.  I hope you all our well I’ve been thinking so much about the Sandy victims and praying for them and trying to do what I can.  Before I leave you I wanted to show you the Vanessa and Bettyann ready to be launched in two short weeks and it’s a very exciting time.  This is one of the last items in our book Happy Home to be done and then all the clothes in the book will be patterns.!!!  Thank you Carla for making this all come to life.  You are the best!


Below is Judy /Buchanan version . Thanks Hickity Pickity.  Judy takes custom orders!!!

Vanessa is the adult and Bettyann is the child’s!


As for Happy Home I am so grateful to all of you for your likes and reviews on Amazon and I hope you will find exciting things to create. Remember it makes a great gift along with Girls World on special in our shop.  The Canopy and Headboard below are both part of the Happy Home book and can be done so inexpensively.  I hope your juices are flowing and you will be ready to create a space for yourself in the New Year. I am so excited for 2013.


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