We are pumped!

It’s taken awhile to get here but we are so uber excited by the latest Pattern release.  Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress has done it again.  We know you have waited awhile and we do apologize for the delay but it is extremely important to Carla that the larger women get the same fit as the smaller women…No one left behind and believe me it shows.  Every detail, every size, every tester matters to us!! This was not easy to fit all “the Girls” and quite a bit went into the cup sizes to give that unequivocal Sis Boom fit.  Carla may have wanted to pull her hair out at times but she developed a seamless pattern with the ease that you have come to know.  We say quilter Friendly for a reason!  If you can sew a straight seam chances are that you can follow these clear cut instructions.  Carla I bow before you with so much envy for what you do and the population that are sworn scientific seamstress followers.  Carla is the one to beat always outdoing her personal best.  Tell you something else..she loves a challenge and the determination to complete this pattern was only matched by her enthusiasm to conquer her fears!!  She is for us the Holy Grail of Pattern makers.  A personal note..Carla together each with our own skill set are going to set this world on fire!!!! I love and respect you so much!


Take a look at these masterpieces!!!  Testers you all rock!!!  I mean it, I may forget your name but I won’t forget your service to a great SB pattern!!  We really appreciate you. Your feedback means everything!!!




So Glad you are here..

Zabrree Couture is at it again!!!!! We love her mixes and her pattern and color plat. A keen sensibility for fashion and inspires us daily!!!

Gotta love this cutie!

This girl is on fire…

Denise Walker has been creating like Crazy!!!!!! You can totally see the joy!!!  Everytime her picture comes up on facebook you can hear her smiling.  Just in love with the girl and now you can see her wonderful choices on Made it!!  Denise you are contagious and everyone loves to see and hear from you but above all that you are having a good time.  Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for adding so much richness to our community on facebook.  We are loving everything in ButterFly Bees!


Everythings working for good..

That’s just what it feels like this Holiday season.  So much handmade love going around.  This holiday season let’s keep it in America.  It may be a tiny bit pricier but it’s keeping business in the USA and keeping business local.  We employ about five people and that number can shoot to 15 during the Holidays, although it’s not a lot we feel good about it and know in time that number will grow.  So here are a few things from our very own Judy Buchanan who creates hundreds of items to be sold around the world.  She works diligently and long hours to keep her small business humming along.  If that sounds like you, we are 100% behind you. We are such a big supporter and we know firsthand what it takes.  She’s got everything for the season. Stockings, pillows, clothing, ties.  She can help make it magical so please keep her in mind.  Judy you are such the best!!


Georgia Pape Handy photography!

Creative Minds

First up the lovely Renae Utay Wims  of Fluffy Girl Boutique on ETSY has done and incredible job with Happy Land.  Love this patchwork assembly!!  Such a work of art!  Her Etsy shop is so colorful and filled with magical Frocks that girls love to wear!!  Then we have Alana Kelly from Yumminess Textiles who we have showcased before from Australia and because Australia is a huge demographic for us we want you to get to know Alana and follow her Fairs because she does beautiful work.  Alana can be found on facebook!!

Thanks girls for being the loving folks I know you to be it shows in your work!!!!


The epitome of cute!!

Look at this toe head!!! God knows where that word comes from. We feel so lucky to have Kristin Dellasega as a friend of Sis Boom all of you have those wonderful gleaming eyes and lovely temperament and just love having an exquisite time with fabric. I used to Love when that school bus would come !!! Time alone..Yipeeee!!! Well everyone loves Kristen on facebook I knew they would.  Her company  Three In The Nest makes the most charming clothing.  Look at miss Emma Kate such a fun frolicky dress with a wonderful ruffled hem!!  We get so excited by the little beauties!! For now find her on facebook but soon she will have a lovely site for you to purchase her items!!