The epitome of cute!!

Look at this toe head!!! God knows where that word comes from. We feel so lucky to have Kristin Dellasega as a friend of Sis Boom all of you have those wonderful gleaming eyes and lovely temperament and just love having an exquisite time with fabric. I used to Love when that school bus would come !!! Time alone..Yipeeee!!! Well everyone loves Kristen on facebook I knew they would.  Her company  Three In The Nest makes the most charming clothing.  Look at miss Emma Kate such a fun frolicky dress with a wonderful ruffled hem!!  We get so excited by the little beauties!! For now find her on facebook but soon she will have a lovely site for you to purchase her items!!

3 Responses to “The epitome of cute!!”

  1. tears are rolling down my face! you are just the moving loving, wonderful, and talented lady around and we are all the better for having a little piece of you Jennifer! Thanks for all you do and are! I guess the old saying is true, “pretty is as pretty does”.

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Such a DARLING little girl! Look at her classic hair style, loving the dress. You go Kristen! Rock that Sis Boom like you do!

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