That’s right Laminate is sweeping the nation!!  Folks be loving this new product and love the way it sews.  I asked  Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars to show folks what to do with Laminate and she went long!!!!!  As in garment Bag!!  She didn’t stop there she’s even offering this cool design for free!!!  This is one talented lady!!!  We all know that Laminate can be a bit pricey bit remember it’s 54″ wide and that’s quite a bit of goods to do several projects. Melissa also told me to make Laminate last longer line with less expensive fabric.  We are the cheat club!!!  Keeping costs down is our mission when we are in business!!  Thanks Melissa.  I love your surprises!!  This is so uber cool and I am enormously grateful for your amazing ideas.  A book is in this girls future!! I want a signed copy!!!  Ask her questions about using Laminate.  She is a pro and has great ideas for you!!  Painters tape..she’s got the 411!