Everythings working for good..

That’s just what it feels like this Holiday season.  So much handmade love going around.  This holiday season let’s keep it in America.  It may be a tiny bit pricier but it’s keeping business in the USA and keeping business local.  We employ about five people and that number can shoot to 15 during the Holidays, although it’s not a lot we feel good about it and know in time that number will grow.  So here are a few things from our very own Judy Buchanan who creates hundreds of items to be sold around the world.  She works diligently and long hours to keep her small business humming along.  If that sounds like you, we are 100% behind you. We are such a big supporter and we know firsthand what it takes.  She’s got everything for the season. Stockings, pillows, clothing, ties.  She can help make it magical so please keep her in mind.  Judy you are such the best!!


Georgia Pape Handy photography!

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