Jenny Jenny Jenny!!!!!!!!

I am so loving all of your postings, I am addicted to your creativity!  Everything is so delicious!!! I love your designs they get me going everyday!!!!! Take a look at the latest discoveries on facebook. Thanks for sharing. That Jenny Eliza has made it across the world thanks to the lovely ladies in The fabulous JP’s Jenny Eliza overseas shipping group of happy seamstresses!! The Australians are covering their part of the world with Jenny Eliza. Just so you know I appreciate all of you!!

bridgeprint billduncan buckdeer bellboat bernstein

Around Sis Boom Town

Well Circa is about to hit and it looks like we are going to have to order more!!!  Looks like most of the yardage manufactured has been sold.  Do not worry that won’t affect you just means a party for me!!!! Seriously folks we don’t do it alone and it takes a village it takes your enthusiasm and excitement to carry it across the web and create a riot of sorts. We are passionate folks and when a line that we love resonates we can’t contain ourselves. Am I right??? So hats off to all of you!!! The good news for you is that the stores will have it that’s who consumed all the yardage.  I can’t wait to see what you create.  I want to see bridesmaids dresses and , boys ties, sunhats and amazing girls dresses so bring it on, fill my inbox with all your glory. I am standing by.  So Sis Boom Town is busy and on facebook the community is jumpin!!! We sell fabrics, dresses, clutches and a whole lot more. We hope you will like us on facebook and join the fun. Purchase our PDF patterns and our books from Chronicle cause Mother’s Day is coming.  Get fired up as one of my close friends always says.  Exciting days ahead.

The diamond Luca fabric is perfect for the boys aand men’s shirts we have them for $10.00 per yard..Holla!!

George the pup

Kristy Smith from Hopeful Threads is having a grand time with her Girls World pups, using Happy Land she is creating the most sweetest of pooches. Thanks for sharing them with us Kristy..we are so crazy about you. Visit her shop here.  Thanks Kristy for sharing our book Girls World with your readers, means the world to us!!!!!

By the way make sure to hoard all the Happy Land you love as we make way for Circa!!!!! xo



Pretty in Pink

Laine rocked the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in our Girls World Book!!  She’s 14 and it fits her beautifully!!  I love the pink!! or should I say Candice in red!  This is one to hoard. I hate when I say that sounds like I’m trying to get you to buy but that’s not it.  Everyday I get inquiries on older lines that are off the shelves and it breaks my heart when I can’t help you find something.  If you love a fabric try to  really put some away I know folks that wait a year or two and then sell on ebay because they know the demand will be there.  If it’s something you really really love get it while it’s hot.  nuf said.  Remember Girls World is our first book and this lovely dress can be found inside and the book includes the pattern.  Makes a great Holiday Gift.  Only 14 on Amazon as of right now!   The value is terrific if you had to purchase all the patterns individually it would be a $60.00 book!!  Thanks Laine for making our photoshoot complete and for mom and dad to trust us with her!!

Hancock’s of Paduchah has the fabric in Pink.


Winners and Pups!!

So the winners for our raffle have all been contacted and their fat Quarters are enroute!!  Erin Hill from Lois Pearl Design and also also Amy Lobsiger from Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts! There also was a facebook winner cause we don’t mess around!!   Sandra Leonard Geiger. So ladies please stay in touch wonderful to get to know you..Then we have the George the Puppy from Girls World!!! These are made up in the wonderful Girls World Vibe Fabric Line! The kids can’t get enough of them..Thanks for all your fan mail and all of your wonderful photos of George the Puppy, they make us so happy..So here’s some standing by listening to every conversation I have and wondering where their forever home will be.  If you need one they are $25.00 includes shipping .  Have a great day!!