Pretty in Pink

Laine rocked the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in our Girls World Book!!  She’s 14 and it fits her beautifully!!  I love the pink!! or should I say Candice in red!  This is one to hoard. I hate when I say that sounds like I’m trying to get you to buy but that’s not it.  Everyday I get inquiries on older lines that are off the shelves and it breaks my heart when I can’t help you find something.  If you love a fabric try to  really put some away I know folks that wait a year or two and then sell on ebay because they know the demand will be there.  If it’s something you really really love get it while it’s hot.  nuf said.  Remember Girls World is our first book and this lovely dress can be found inside and the book includes the pattern.  Makes a great Holiday Gift.  Only 14 on Amazon as of right now!   The value is terrific if you had to purchase all the patterns individually it would be a $60.00 book!!  Thanks Laine for making our photoshoot complete and for mom and dad to trust us with her!!

Hancock’s of Paduchah has the fabric in Pink.


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