Magia Pura

This girl is pure magic!! You know her from her beautiful exquisite pottery That I post regularly !! My Argentinian friend Ani Alonso is pure love!! She is so lovely and talented and encourages everyone to find their path in life!! I love her for her spark and enthusiasm! So when she came by the Surtex booth last year I gave her this felt Garland because she touched me with her beauty!!  I love how her dog looks in all this color. Her beautiful friend that joins her also glows with radiance. As always I have a brain Fart with names! Ani please give her our love!!  Anyway you always keep it real and share the love..Thank you Ani!!!

sweetdog mygirl

Cloth Paper Scissors

Thank you to every one at Cloth Paper Scissors who made our dream come true ! We made it into the Studio magazine.    Jeanine Stein the editor is so lovely!!

7 pages was just so generous and we are extremely grateful!!!  If you aren’t familiar with the publication you will absolutely love to see other artists and their studios!!!  Such amazing talent out there! Purchase your copy here!!

Thank you to my beautiful daughter Katie for some amazing photography!!!


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Get your best candy game on , we are moving into the perfect sweet storm. Imagine one day someone thought this up..let’s go to the neighbors and ask for candy. I love this tradition.  I love when my kids would comeback from the evening and count and recount and divide by likes and dislikes, trade with each other and of course the tantrums when they thought one was missing from their stash.  Oh those times. We had a great scheme to get rid of all the candy after a few days.  They could trade it with the candy witch and she would leave a movie for them..That always worked!!  Just didn’t like that enormous amount of candy in the house….like anyone does?  oh An old postcard glittered and some vintage wallpaper makes the best vignette.

Don’t forget raffle in previous post would hate for you to miss out.


Cast a Spell!

Some more Sis Boom Halloween ideas.  Black Spray Paint is your best bet for everything Halloween.  Silver Spray paint comes in handy as a base for silver glitter.  The rest is up to you.  I love old vintage finds and black festooning or crepe paper for adding the perfect touch.  Check out this cool basket with faux crow!!!  or this glittered star for your porch door.  Make it up.  Let our Halloween inspire yours.  We are watching , so show us your decorations we’d love to see.




Not so scary

I like to do things that are a bit funky for Halloween.  Spray paint a suitcase black and just go nuts on it!!  Makes a great backdrop for your bewitching table.  Then there is always a need to change up a party hat so you can have a rather ghoulish time doing that.  Have a party, a candy corn party and keep it light no need to be ultra scary for the wee ones.  Hey to all of you thanks for continually making my day. xo

The Good Witch

The Good witch has a sparkly hat with an old castoff buckle!!!  Take our ideas, enjoy them, show us yours in our flickr group!!! Oh and have a great day..xo