Be prepared to flip out!!

Melissa P. is under the weather and never made it to quilt market but she sent these lovelies ahead to represent Lucky Girl and boy is she amazing with color. Melissa P. of 100 Billion Stars has 100 billion ideas and they are all amazing.  Melissa, Utilizing 2 patterns from K Whitt’s book ‘Sew Serendipity Bags’ she came up with these amazing looks!! These bags are sooo good looking.  So be sure and read Melissa’s blog for more info and the next fabric giveaway we do will include a free pattern for the   gorgeous pillow!!!  Melissa, thank you so very much.  Nice work!!  I swear as a bad sewist I appreciate anyone who sews with such conviction. I love her free motion quilting.!!

precious fussycut punchfussycutprecious

A Wonderful Friend

Just meet Tom Jordan, the man behind beautiful clothing for his daughter.  Tom stepped out into Quilting as demonstrated by the beautiful pinwheels you see in this photo and has just completed the Memory Board from Girls World.

So nice that we get to see his beautiful daughter in her Girls World surroundings.  We love this glimpse and am so touched  by the fact you included her with her book!!!!  You are so good to me. I’m so grateful for that fateful day you were introduced to me by our girl Carla!!! …That famous girl who writes all our patters and is going to wow you next month with some amazing new patterns. Just in time for the hot month of August. Tom, my long time facebook friend ,you are a gem.