Grandmas YO YO Quilt

Sometimes it’s just cool to find a place that makes you happy. I just love the bed with it’s wonderful Yo Yo headboard and the wonderful Sis Boom Pillows from Peking.  Places on the blog to purchase our products..just a snapshot of life here at home..I hope it inspires you all to do great things and look at life a little differently.  By the way you and your wonderful comments mean the world to Me and I’m so glad you like West Indies!!

A pretty Place to Nap

Some Craftiness for You!

We know it’s snowy and white out there… you probably need a splash of color, right?! Our lovely Melissa from 100 Billion Stars sent just that… so we’re all in luck. Look how cute and crafty this little bag is (we’re loving that sweet yo yo!) !! It should brighten up all of your days without a doubt. pssst – we hope you’re all working on that Queen Street Challenge! Can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with!