Jenny from the Girls World Block

Here she is, she teaches Girls World Classes She hoards Sis Boom Fabric and keeps it in a locked box (not really) the kind of girl you totally get!!  She dresses She and her daughter from head to toe in Sis Boom. All the while she is happy happy happy.

The Sewing machine sings when the kids are at camp and now runs a sewing camp herself. We love our Jenny and so will you. Melissa P from 100billionstars who also makes darling items and is infamous for her Girls World Pin Cushion works closely with FreeSpirit and recieves  a small advance of fabric and she inturn cut up her parcel and sent to Jenny.  It doesn’t get any better. Make sure to visit her ETSY . The spirit of sharing which defines us at Sis Boom is alive and well and lives on in the wonderful customers of Sis Boom.  Paying it forward is commonplace .

One thing I will also add is that the special people who keep coming back for more Sis Boom are such a grateful bunch.  We all know gratitude is the bottom line because with out that we’d be miserable lot.  Thanks for the gratitude of  your vital spirits which help us thrive.  Oh and have fun with the suitcases be patient, try putting glue on the suitcase and pressing firmly down. The choice to go back over with mod podge is yours! just be gentle with yourself! oh how many things I attempted and never finished cause I had no patience..

So take a look at West Indies up close and personal..

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  1. Cathy says:

    I LOVE the pretty skirt and your beautiful daughter Jenny! And I would have to agree how we love our Jenny and Melissa too…great gals and soooooo talented!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Oh gosh what surprise! Thank you Jennifer! I have to say that West Indies is stunning. I mean STUNNING! I am loving all the plums and purples and the greens and yellows and blues have me swooning too! I cannot wait until it’s out! Melissa P. is just the sweetest friend. She sent me cuts of all the West Indies and I cannot tell you how touched I am by her generosity. It has been fun swooning over your new fabrics with a dear and creative friend who shares my Sisboom craze with me! Oh gosh and what SHE has been making OHHHHHH!!! Crazy amazing things! Serious show stoppers. Oh to be in the mind of Melissa!

  3. Melissa P says:

    Happy, happy, happy. Yes, that’s our Jenny. And I think it describes every Sis Boom fan when they get their fabric and start to play. It always brings out the best in people. Which makes you the best kind of enabler.

    I’m eagerly awaiting West Indies’ release. It’s going to take the Sis Boom world by storm. So happy to part of sharing it!

  4. Monique says:

    So excited to get a sneak peek, I’ve been waiting!!!! Looks amazing, as usual! Melissa and Jenny are the best!!

  5. We LOVE West Indies!!!!! (Can’t wait to get our hands on it!)
    We LOVE Jenny!!!!!
    And we LOVE you, Jennifer!!!!

    love, the Long ladies

  6. Jenny!!! how beautiful!! just a touch of heaven!!

  7. You are all so amazingly wonderful and kind I just wonder how i got so lucky!!!! xooxoxo

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