It’s TOMORROW, guys! I’ll be in Rhinebeck at the Country Living fair! Come visit & play. Can’t wait to see you there!


Ohio Here She Comes!!!

Look out Ohio! Jennifer is there! Be sure to follow Jen on twitter @sisboom as she tweets her way through all of the wonderful booths & sights to be seen at the fair!

She’ll be at the Country Living fair in Columbus, Ohio from the 14th (today) through the 16th stationed at the Earth Angels tent with a fabulous group!

On Saturday Jennifer will be on the main stage at 1:00 sharing some awesome crafting demos & more, and will then follow that with a book signing at 2:00 pm. It’s Madeline here, holding down the fort… so if you see Jen give her a big hug from me!!



Jennifer Is Out & About in Atlanta!

Well, hello everyone! It’s Madeline here, back in CT, while Jennifer is shining, signing, and having a blast meeting all of you out in Atlanta at the County Living Fair!

So, here’s the deal…

  • Today, Friday October 21st at 3pm, Jennifer will be at the main stage chatting it up and sharing her Sis Boom experience and thoughts with everyone! (You don’t wanna miss it!)
  • Then at 4:00 (also today), Jennifer will be signing copies of Girl’s World at the Sis Boom station, which is located under the Earth Angles Tent (#14)
  • Are you around tomorrow (Saturday October 22nd)? Jennifer will be sharing a demonstration at 12:00 under the Earth Angels tent.

Jen’s Getting Ready for the Country Living Fair!

So, she may not have power, but she’s been active over there, boy! Jen is getting herself prepped for the fabulous Country Living Fairs (one in Ohio Village and one in Atlanta! – see details below) … Will you be there? For more info peep our happenings page!

The Mom’s Guide to Running a Business…

Humbled and honored to be a part of Country Living‘s special publication, The Mom’s Guide to Running a Business!!!

We just received our copy and had so much fun flipping through the pages of our story, along with the stories of 27 other women, who have discovered how to juggle it all!… family, work, and their passion…

Take a sneak peak into the pages. Pick your copy up here if you’re a Mom running your own business and you could use a few words of encouragement!

Ever Seen A Labradoodle Read?!

We were walking through the house the other day, working very hard, of course on exciting Sis Boom related sorts of things, when we stumbled upon Georgie (of customer service) reading a Country Living book, Perfect Patterns! Go figure!!!!…. George is into fabric?!!

We could hardly believe our eyes when we picked up the book and noticed a number of totally exciting things… Not only is this book absolutely beautiful, but the cover of the Perfect Patterns book is a design by Your very own Jennifer Paganelli!!! yeahh!!!…

Then, just when we didn’t think it could get any cooler, George flipped to a page he had previously DOG eared (eh hem, get it?) and we saw a pillow designed from, yet again, an oldie, but great-y, Jennifer Paganelli design! We were all pumped up and just about to get back to work when George hollered, “There’s more! There’s more!”… He then proceeded to flip over to a page that featured Jennifer’s very own bedroom! How awesome!!! Way to discover, George! Like what you see? Order yours today by clicking HERE

Oblong Pillow is Jennifer's Fabric Design!!!

Jennifer's Bedroom!!!

Wise Words From Mothers

To all you talented Moms out there trying to make it all work… this book is for you! Totally inspiring and helpful, the Moms Guide to Running a Business will become your best friend and everyday handbook. It’s certainly not easy, and so why not get a little help from your friends via advice, stories & proof that any business dream can come true! Jennifer offers her very own advice in this guide by sharing her experiences as a Mom & business woman, which you will find absolutely encouraging.

We are SO honored to have been a part of this beautiful Country Living publication alongside so many talented, successful women who have followed their dreams of running a business. Go, Girls!!!

This follow-up to Crafting a Business provides everything a determined entrepreneur needs to know to successfully run her own business while raising a family. Through inspiring profiles, 28 women share diverse strategies on business development and operations, defining space and boundaries, and creating a viable work-family balance. A special “workshop” section also provides business basics for those just starting out.

MICHELLE LEE RIBEIRO is a writer and editor who has covered everything from finances to fashion for various national magazines, websites, and TV outlets.