A Sis Boom Room for JUNE!

Could your home use a little WHAM? A tad of POW? A smattering of WOWZA?! Stick with us… We are NOT afraid of color and we would love to show you how it’s done. Chances are, if you’re a Sis Boom fan, you’ve already got it goin’ on…
In this Sis Boom room we paired a few key elements that make our hearts tick…
By combining bold graphics, such as stripes, geometrics, ikats, and mod furnishings, we’ve created a little virtual haven of aaaaaah. If only we could snap our fingers and bring it to life! Like what you see?
1. Jennifer Moreman “Smitten” 
2. Cassie Chair
3. Salong Vase 
4. Hotel Monaco Geo Pillow
5. Hermes Flat Weave Rug
6. Maps Book


Sis Boom SPRING Room

OMG stoppit, IKEA. Are you serious with this incredible, green, velvet couch?! I can’t.. Its color, its texture, its attitude… a trifecta of perfection. Next best thing? Sis Boom pillows, clearly… with a few more IKEA splashes, a dash of Anthropologie, a smattering of Layla Grayce, and a sweet book to top it all off, we’re pretty sure this is a perfect Sis Boom SPRING room. The sun is shining and we are HAPPY!

Close your eyes and imagine that your snuggled up on this couch with some fresh cookies and a warm Spring breeze. Perfecto.





Things I Want My Daughter To Know Book $19.99
IKEA fortjust bowl $4.99
Charlston Rancher Hat $48

Kalindi Napkin $12
IKEA Brasa Lamp $119
IKEA Stockholm $999
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Embroidered Pillow $140
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Pebbles Embroidered Pillow $140
Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Monaco Rectangles Embroidered Pillow $130
Socker watering can $4.99
Confetti Flora Rug $78

Sis Boom Kiddo

We stumbled upon this most magical nursery on One Claire Day. Every last little detail is breathtaking and heartfelt. Talk about turning a dream into a reality. We went looking for a place for our new Ibiza rug to reside, and this was clearly it…

With a bit of spunk and character amidst a sea of mini-bohemia, this Ibiza piece would make a vibrant, fun statement. The Ibiza line (rug and pillows in two colorways), is our homage to the bold, playful flowers of Marimekko. With colorways and patterning that apply to the decor of baby through adult, Ibiza is our new fave…

We can just imagine the little feet prancing around. We can hear the giggle of a chubby cheeked, little, pigtailed kiddo, as she runs around playing hide and seek. What a lucky little girl!

1. Assorted color coat hangers, 2. Tullia childrens apron, 3. Picnic set, 4. Sis Boom Rug, 5. toy trunk





Sis Boom Room: Cozy, Clean & Chic

Are all of our local friends getting ready for the BIG WINTER STORM?! How exciting is the thought of getting all cozed up by the fire with a hot cup of tea.. book in hand.. furry friends nearby. Sigh. Love it.

1. CREATE– make a project for yourself – how about #9, our free Frayed Rosettes Pattern? Curtains, anyone? How about an oblong Circa pillow with a deep blue velvet pipe? Get going- how much fun is that?!

2. REST– lean back & put those feet up on these sweet Erin Polka Dot Pillows. Linen & embroidered, these cushy statements are playful and happy.

3. READHappy Home is chock full of eye candy. Plan your next project and start gathering the pieces you’ll need. Not in the mood to create something? That’s ok– just flip through and get inspired.

4. SIP– we love this cool Pantone mug, part of a complete set. Now that’s how a designer drinks her tea- always surrounded by color and inspiration.

5. BREATHE– sweeten the air around you with a luxurious Illume candle. Nothing better than floating in your fave scent!

6. LOUNGE– Get cozed up on this grey velvet loveseat. Priced to sell with free delivery, this tufted piece will compliment any Sis Boom pillow.

7. FEEL– the softness beneath your feet… or on your lap.. wherever you set this IKEA fave. Snuggle up while you watch a movie. done & done.

8. TWIRL– did someone say FREE? You heard it right! Our FREE pattern download, Frayed Rosettes, will have you twirling fabric to your heart’s content. Place the rosettes on a pillow, bag, bib necklace, headband, pin, or anything else you can get your hands on! Put a Rosette on it!



Scallop Wonder Banner

We’re loving this banner in a kiddo’s room!

(Say hello to our first KIDS Sis Boom Room)

Umm… Curtains anyone?! Happy Land would add the perfect touch!

It doesn’t end here… our Scallop Wonder Banner would look WONDERful :

  • Hanging high above a crib
  • Swagged across the back of a bench
  • In the dining room as a birthday dinner embellishment
  • As a just because statement
  • Soaring through a child’s room
  • As an every day greeting in the faywer (why not!)
  • Well, really, anywhere!
  • Swinging from tree to tree at your Spring picnic!
  • As a welcome home greeting
  • Secured around a desk-top (as seen in Girls’ World!)

It can be left out in your home all year for some serious cheer, or used for special occasions and so easily stored ’til next time.

Varied Sis Boom fabrics ensure a bright, happy statement. Measures 80″ from first to last scallop + length of ties. Handmade with love in CT.

Get the point?! This fabric, Scallop WONDER banner will work wonders.

1, 2 & 3: Sis Boom Happy Land

4: Jennifer Paganelli’s Girl’s World

5: Jennifer Paganelli FRANCA embroidered pillow

6: Jennifer Paganelli ANTONIA embroidered pillow

7: IKEA Minnen Childrens Bed

8: IKEA VITAMINER HJÄRTA heart-shaped Rug


Also pictured: Ikea elephant & Easel


SUPER FLY Sis Boom Room!

As soon as those Super Fly bolts rolled in all we could think about was… CURTAINS!!!!! The scale is amazing, the color combinations are DELISH, and the style.. SO MOD! GOSH we’re IN LOVE! The next thing we HAD to do was pair this kick-butt line with one of our pillows! Hotel Soho, it is! Eye Candy!

It was not easy to choose a bold Zebra from the line, but we went with the orange, as that poppy orange / red color is SO in right now. It’s SO refreshing and energizing! You could toss that orange zebra in there and make some of your own pillows, or upholster a side table. Go Crazy! In this Sis Boom Room Daydream we went a little wild $$ … a girl can dream!

This is not to say that Super Fly is not also magnificent as a maxi dress (you’ll see!), and for a million other projects.. but the curtains just had to be done! A line that can be used for home dec and clothing.. only Sis Boom 🙂


1. Superfly Curtains JP056 Green | JANE

2. Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Soho Pillow in Black collection includes 3 colorways $110.00

3. Sis Boom Super Fly Fabric Swatch JP057 Orange | LAURALEE

4. Jennifer Delonge Parker Child Chair $699.00

5. Herman Miller ® Eames ® Molded Plywood Coffee Table $949.00

6. IKEA tea light holder $1.99

Sis Boom Room Marcella IV

This is the fourth Marcella pillow of the collection, and we can’t get over how fun it is to take them from bohemian to sleek and modern to comfortable and cozy. Possibilities are limitless! This particular Sis Boom Room is near and dear to our hearts, as it features a couple works by our dear friend, Barbara Strawser!! … And how sweet is that little Gnome Table by Kartel?!

Here are all four Marcella Pillows…

Now, we all know a Sis Boom Room is never complete without some Straight up Sis Boom Fabric accents… With that being said, my picks for this Sis Boom Room are Rosetta & Mikalea from Honey Child!!! While geometric Mikaela will make beautiful, flowy curtains, lace-like, floral Rosetta can be whipped up into some quick, huge statement pillows! Have fun!!

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