Sis Boom Girl, Kate!

Reading design magazines and dreaming of redecorating; vacationing at the beach; the bright, energetic colors that are in for spring and summer – tangerine, neon pink and turquoise; that perfect pair of high heels that are sexy and comfortable; yummy smelling candles – I love the selection at Anthropologie, freshly made mojitos on a hot summer day!

Commuting, cold weather, cleaning, overhead florescent lights, the color mauve.

What I do:
My day job is in marketing for an architectural firm, but what I really love to do is find amazing vintage furnishings and accessories for my Etsy shop – Behind the Orange Door

My favorite things:
My family, snuggling on the couch, Kate Spade wallets, travel!

What I love about Sis Boom
The happy colors and gorgeous designs – I especially love the Marnie and Jane prints.  The designs are timeless, but the unexpected color combinations make them young and fresh!  Oh and Georgie the dog!

Our First Sis Boom BOY! It’s Mateo!

How good does that cupcake look?!… oh? what? You’re totally distracted by handsome, adorable, sweet Mateo?! This is an outtake from Happy Home, which we just love to pieces. Peep Mateo’s Sis Boom Boy interview above to find out his likes, dislikes, and favorite things about Sis Boom!!  The shirt will be out in Late June as a pattern!!! Photo Tim Geaney!!

10 Yard Giveaway Old School style!!!!

Haaaappy Monday!! We know Mondays are tough, which is why we’re going to give you a reason to smile!….

These 10 yards are Sis Boom classics! They can be yours! Leave a comment to enter!

Ohhh no! Someone got a hold of them… George…?! Geeeeoooorgeee??!! Can we please have that fabric??

If you’ll excuse us, we’ve gotta go get our 10 yard stack back from George so we can eventually pass it on to YOU!

George? Please? Can we have them back? Pretty Please?

Leave a comment on this post to automatically enter yourself in the raffle! good luck! You’ve got a week or so, until winner is announced!

The Adventures of George & Mimi

So, yes. A lot is going on over here. The Girl’s World release… The FREE Bowtie Bosco Pattern is up (click HERE for the free Bosco download! YAYYY!), we have raffles here there and everywhere (and more to come, you’ll see)… but one other major event that occurred this past weekend was a get together between George, who you all know & love… and Mimi… Madeline’s toy poodle.

Mimi is basically a mini George. She weighs 4 lbs. I mean, seriously. Let us leave you with some photos… Enjoy.

Precious moments brought to you by George and Mimi …

Ever Seen A Labradoodle Read?!

We were walking through the house the other day, working very hard, of course on exciting Sis Boom related sorts of things, when we stumbled upon Georgie (of customer service) reading a Country Living book, Perfect Patterns! Go figure!!!!…. George is into fabric?!!

We could hardly believe our eyes when we picked up the book and noticed a number of totally exciting things… Not only is this book absolutely beautiful, but the cover of the Perfect Patterns book is a design by Your very own Jennifer Paganelli!!! yeahh!!!…

Then, just when we didn’t think it could get any cooler, George flipped to a page he had previously DOG eared (eh hem, get it?) and we saw a pillow designed from, yet again, an oldie, but great-y, Jennifer Paganelli design! We were all pumped up and just about to get back to work when George hollered, “There’s more! There’s more!”… He then proceeded to flip over to a page that featured Jennifer’s very own bedroom! How awesome!!! Way to discover, George! Like what you see? Order yours today by clicking HERE

Oblong Pillow is Jennifer's Fabric Design!!!

Jennifer's Bedroom!!!

Last Day of the Big Sale!

Heyyy Friends!!

Thanks so much for all of your awesome comments! You rock!

It’s the last day of the Sis Boom Sale and Georgie has developed quite a special routine… he sits in his cozy, white chair among a jungle of Sis Boom pillows, bags, and other happy goodies… he peeks out the window, which gives him the perfect angle to see down the driveway and spot visitors.

Each and every visitor that walks up the driveway, Georgie goes to greet. He leads them into the house (because if it weren’t for George, they may not know where to go), and he brings them to his Momma. Gotta love it! Keep commenting on our fun Raffle post.. I’ll announce the winner tonight! xo

Hmmmmm... when will our next guest arrive?!

someone's here! someone's here! I gotta go get them!

A Quick Hello & Something Fun!!

Hi everyone!!! It’s Madeline here! Just wanted to say a quick hello while I had a moment to hop over to the computer… it’s been sooo busy all day and so wonderful to see all of our Sis Boom Friends! We love you guys!

FYI Jennifer’s ornaments, pillows, jewelry, and, well… pretty much everything else have all been a major hit and you better hurry up before everything flies outta here! I’m telling you!

As for our lovely, wonderful amazing out of town friends, we could never forget you… and we really miss you today…. which is why I’m hosting a raffle right here right now!!! What’s the oh-so-fun & oh-so-awesome prize? It’s an adorable collection of trinkets including a pair of Poodle Boxer shorts in Tanya, a Queen Street Fat Quarter pack, and two ornaments made with tons of love by the Jennifer that we all love so much!!  Comment on this post to enter the raffle! xoxoxox

Jennifer is super busy running around with glitter all over her face, sharing the joys of everything new and exciting here at Sis Boom (Queen Street is a major hit today!!!) and she sends mucho love to all! Raffle winner will be announced on Saturday!!!

Please leave the ball outside Georgey!! not on the white Sofa!!!

I can do this!

So that’s what I’m telling myself..gave my assistant Madeline the day off and now wonder what I was thinking.  That girl completes me!!!!  Do we love her or what? plus she also cares about you all as much as me and that is a rare find..needles in haystacks are easier..whassup with that???  Anyway we are now on wordpress and teaching an old dog new tricks and I’m not talking customer service rep George , I’m talking me…I bought the boy (George ) the finest gourmet bone so I wouldn’t be disturbed….(and praying he doesn’t bury it….) The best laid plans…all this cause last time I posted and even viewed it it (the post ) disappeared.  So I’m really going to try this time!! I don’t want Maddie to give up on me!!!

So I got these pics in my email from a wonderful girl named Amy who redid her sleeping porch with none other than Sis Boom and look at all those greens harmonizing together.  It’s so beautiful and tranquil…..wonder if I’ll get invited to sleep there???  I think she’s somewhere in Massachusetts!!  With permission we’ll get them in Sis Boom Sightings so you can be inspired too..

So that’s it we are abuzz getting our Christmas/Holiday show ready we’ll post pictures soon…Please come if you can we’d love to see you.

BTW Is this the best site you ever saw!!!  If it is please contact Marcie and Jordan to do your site they are a winning team.  Just click at the bottom of the home page where you see Bannana Land and Sumo Web works!!!!

Hope everyone arrived at quilt market safe and kudos to all the designers and the folks that keep us busy!! That’s you all!

I wasn’t Kidding…Here’s George..oh and he loves Notre Dame football..just sayin.