Our BIGGEST Reveal EVER!….

We’ve kept it a secret for so long.. and now is the time to share the joy and excitement! It’s Girls World!!!!!! Jennifer’s Book! 21 Sewing Projects for Girls!

This is the time for Girls World!!
A time to invite our daughters to share in the most sacred of ways..creativity

You will experience the most perfect and magical of moments just dreaming of ways to create your very own signature style in your very own girls world.

Sis Boom adores children and we are grateful to be a part of your connection to your children.
Truly the world is their oyster and they get to imprint their own notion of design.

With Girls World, we get to be the message carrier of the generations that go before us.
Sis Boom celebrates your world!

It’s not just an amazing book full of special, near & dear to our hearts sewing projects… but also a Sis Boom journal AND Sis Boom Notecards!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!! What a treat when we flipped open All People Quilt and saw a beautiful journal cover designed with our very own Sis Boom Poodle Fabric!

Two things we L-O-V-E… Poodle and journaling!!! Thanks Nancy Wiles, All People Quilt Design Director! What an honor!!! And yes – we agree, makes a wonderful gift! Take some time today to journal or craft… You deserve it!