So glad you come by!!

We always want to keep our readers engaged and there is always plenty going on behind the scenes here so always plenty to share . I’m just sharing our newest fabrics Caravelle Arcade that will be shipping to stores in May 2015.  I know how much you love to see what’s coming but please don’t forget Good Company the fabric line that’s changing things around the hemisphere one degree at a time. I love seeing all your things and just thought I’d share our Carolina Maeand Gabriella Fae patterns done up.  We are breathless with their beauty!!!  So take it all in..Need a beach hat ..Grab a copy copy of Happy Home and make a few before summer comes!








elegant you’ll be glad you did!!

Decisions, Decisions…

So Katie needs your help!!  Which would you choose..Fun party coming up and not sure which clutch!!!  Do yourself a favor create the Jamie in Good Company and go dancing!! Clutches $35.00! email us!!



Catching our breath!

Huge thanks to all of you for your love and support of Jenny Eliza our new brand for Joann’s we are enormously grateful to them and to Springs Creative for bringing us there. Truth be told I want to move there and sleep next to their digital printer and dream up things to bring you!!! Seriously you are all too much.  We love our friends around the globe and feel blessed everyday to wake up to you on facebook where we can have coffee together ,watch silly videos or even watch the videocam of the hawk with her chicks,(You have Carla, the Scientific Seamstress to thank for that one!!!) How fun is that????  By the way get her books on amazon and leave a review she will be so thankful. You all tickle me with your passion for sewing while I stay close to the design side not pretending that I know what you all are talking about.. OK so I failed sewing at the University of the Virgin Islands.  My heart was in the right place. So there are soooooooooo many exciting things coming your way and I will reveal them all very soon but in the meantime the latest and greatest our our embroidered pillows from Peking Handicraft. Are you with me. One trip to London and you become an expat I swear.  So hear they are. Tell us what you think..please!!!  Rugs are coming tooooo.  Ok weez just gonna breathe and thank the universe for all we receive.  Beauty Queen is finally shipping. Thanks for the shot Andie!!!