Groovy, baby

It’s been a little over a month since Caravelle Arcade sailed into the stores, and I’m thrilled to see all the projects you’re sharing with me on Facebook and Instagram. You guys are a talented bunch!

Last week my favorite photographer in the world, Tim Geaney, stopped by and we took some amazing photos of Sis Boom patterns in Caravelle Arcade. You can create the same look below by using Bonnie in purple in our Judy Fancy Pants pattern topped off with Rebecca in fuchsia in our Devon Top. Have lots of small scraps of your favorite Sis Boom fabrics left over from various sewing projects? A decoupage guitar is the perfect accessory! In this YouTube video I show you how to decoupage a suitcase, but the same technique can be applied to anything including a guitar.



If you are local to me in the southwestern CT area, RUN don’t walk to see Christie at Christie’s Quilting Boutique because she has a windfall of Sis Boom Fabric especially the Caravelle Arcade line. Everyone else, call your local quilt shop or shop online. Hope you’re having a fabulous week. XOXO!


Decoupage Suitcase Tutorial with Jennifer!

You’ve all been waiting so patiently– and here you go! Have SO much fun creating one of my absolute faves.. the decoupage suitcase!

As if covering a suitcase wasn’t enough, I also decoupaged an IKEA Parsons table… ok, ok I couldn’t stop– it’s that much fun!!! Talk about inexpensive materials that yield totally beautiful results. Have fun and let us know what you think!

Happy Crafting!

She’s a Sweetheart

Ranell Miller Pogue has been following the blog and facebook for awhile.  She’s just the kindest and most supportive gal and loves everything Sis Boom.  I always love seeing her pretty face pop up after I post something. You all make it so magical.  So lately Ranell has been posting the prettiest frocks and all of a sudden I am taken by her sweet little Etsy shop The Mulberri Bush!!!  She’s doing an exquisite job and the details are priceless.  I was so happy to put her in the spotlight today and share her sweet sensibility.  Ranell, This is our official welcome to the community and we are so glad you love our fabrics.

PS Craftsy still has some deals left. Crafters and Quilters take note just the right size to create amazing crazy quilts for framing. See mine below. Great gift ideas!! Are you in??  Have a great weekend..xo

Also Holiday fabrics..Just saying Crazy Love Natasha in red and green are the biggest show stoppers!! Thanks Hawthorne Threads.

Mod Podge by the Gallon

I really do because it’s my go to glue!!  I buy the mat but the glossy is great too.  Now listen if you have perfection issues leave them in the garbage by the door..seriously they so get in the way of any great art!!  Here’s how I do it..I hate gloves..that’s why I’m always covered with glue and glitter but if you need plastic gloves this could be the time.  Get out large great scissors the ones for fabric only.  Using a cutting blade and a cutting mat is the best but really it’s not necessary.  I do it all freehand lends to the handmade quality. Also the Accuquilt Go Baby is perfect for this . I love using  for this, like the circles and hearts. Try to have  a bunch of stuff cut before you start you don’t want to leave once you start. Dust off your suitcase.  These old suitcases are great, I don’t think I’d recommend a samsonite because frankly they are so rounded and slippery but what do I know?  Get your pieces together and start laying things down and butt right up against the edge.  Just get a sense of your design.  Take them off and then begin putting mod podge down lay fabric over and sponge brush mod podge again over that. Take your time and this is a no judgement no self criticism zone.  The wonderful thing about mod-podge is that it is so forgiving.  I’ve been doing these suitcases for 20 years mostly with old wall paper paper and it’s a hoot, the next morning when it’s dry it’s like fairy’s came in the night to make it all perfect.  Seriously, it’s such cool stuff.  So lay them down on sponge brushed suitcase as it lays down go over the fabric once again with sponge brush. Overlapping is cool no worries just make sure there is glue everywhere.  Do one side at a time and then the sides let dry and Voila!!  The trick is to get through the ugliness most folks give up..or think they are doing it wrong.  If there are areas that don’t come together easily lay a circle of a square on it.  Camouflage. This is where Accucut Go Baby come in handy!  or do some fancy fussy cutting..Melissa P. can show us a thing or two!! Ok get the modpodge off the scissors pronto..even using nail polish remover because I have at least 50 pairs of scissors with glue on them. I wish I wasn’t exaggerating. Try to get fibers off the suitcase but don’t get crazy. I really want you not to be fussy on the first one then you’ll find your true North after doing a few!!  oh and I have John Mayer singing in the background that seems to help!!! xoxoxo Amy Anderson, Lovely Amy Anderson writes a blog Mod Podge Rocks and can answer any questions!! Get to know her. I also recommend a mat acrylic sealer keeps it from sticking. I want to see yours. xoxo

Late addition!! Thanks Amy