Good Company!

Well, well, well… what have we here… It’s Good Company! Are you as in love with it as we are?… we know the answer to that 🙂

It’s soft and it’s sweet, but still has that Sis Boom PUNCH that we adore so very much. Which is your top pick?

Good Company Collage


View the entire Beauty Queen Collection HERE


Circa comes to life!

We got our hands on some Circa and are pumped to show you what it can do! Totally channeling Sis Boom goodness from years past, this collection screams antique just the way we had hoped it would!

It’s filled with soft, sweet, feminine floral prints, but never without that richness we love so much here at Sis Boom. Can’t you see yourself with a little Circa clutch? Summer dress? Quilt? Pillow? Where to stop?! What would you do with Your Circa?!

A Star is Born!!

Look at this amazing accomplishment from our very own Carla Crim!!!  We are wildly excited here at Sis Boom to share this amazing debut and the timing couldn’t be better.  Carla as you know the amazing talent behind all the Sis Boom patterns.  Little did we know when we started out we would build a successful business together!!!  It’s a win win here at Sis Boom and I count my blessings every night because time and time again I hear how happy you all are with your patterns.  Carla I am a proud peacock cause I get to see you grow in so many ways and you never say I can’t. Carla is determined to learn and grow and never give up and I so admire that in her.  This girl has what I want.!! Carla, Hats off!! or on in this case hats on!!!  I want to salute you in this major accomplishment and sit back and watch you ride the wave.  All my love, Jennifer

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So long, boxes!… See ya in Utah!…

Even our boxes go out in style around here. We just sent off a few very heavy boxes that are headed to Utah!

Knowing that market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of boxes, we decided to kick it up a notch and make ours a very obvious Sis Boom box. Think we did ok? Who’s going to market?!