St. Croix Vibe

Look at this beauty, I would have loved a face but sometimes it’s just not a good hair day.  This is my old island roots. I love woman of color in brights it brings me back to my homeland.  And when I hear a sing songy dialect of the Caribbean islands I am somehow immediately transported to a wonderful time in my life.  This color dazzles on this woman and I’m so glad her first choice was brights.  Against her skin tone it was just all meant to be.  Sara Beth Upshaw of Molly Blossom’s is kicking it up big time in Jackson Mississippi and we couldn’t be more thrilled with this amazing silhouette!! Follow her Etsy shop and website for upcoming releases.  Pattern coming soon so stay close.  Thanks Sara for a beautiful silhouette. Crazy love fabric found here!!



I can never get enough!!!!  I would fill my house with them.  Real, artificial , dried, give them to me anyway!! So it’s my job to keep them coming.  Thanks for all the Circa Love and for being the best peeps ever!!!  Roses below, something in the future possibly??  Keep all the love coming this way, we feel ya!! We are busy making Circa prototypes so forgive us if we lag at all on the social media piece cause you are all very important to us!!!  Always enjoy dreaming of more roses!



Convince me!!

Here you go your chance to bring back (hopefully) Loopy Vintage Floral and Elizabeth Rose.  Do your best convincing.  We had 44 comments in 15 minutes when I posted on Facebook.  So get your best pitch on and let Westminster know how much this would mean to you.

“OK here it is your chance to vote!!! Should we bring back Loopy Vintage Floral and Elizabeth Rose? We need lots of input to convince some folks at Westminster. Tell all your friends and let’s see what we can do here. I can’t promise anything but I figured I’d get the ball rolling..Leave a message here .”

so give us your best woot woot!!  Share with like minded folks let’s get to 1000 signatures and show them who is boss!!!