Dream of Possibilities

So my job is to entice! How am I doing?  I know it feels like a tease but you can be sketching and laying out your quilt ideas or children’s clothes or beach bags while I torture you with my photos.  I know not very nice.  So you’ll just have to sit back and take it!!  You know I love you guys.  Wow facebook has been lighting up like a switchboard and please no hard feelings if I don’t get to you I am doing my best but sometimes I have been known to miss a few things whatever you do don’t take it personally. Seriously it’s all about the fun of creating.  I adore all of you so much and would hate to think you felt overlooked.  So here’s some photos to help you think outside the box.  Much love, Jennifer


Drop Everything!

Tina D’Arcy has the 411 on sweet boutique dresses at affordable prices!!!! Yes she’s in Australia but she can get it to you. Love her take on Happy Land so fresh and girly!

This is Tink and she has been sewing up a storm and the line is just amazing.  Please contact her she wants to be part of your wardrobe ensemble!  She’s on facebook and operators are standing by :))) Well soon anyway if she keeps up this pace!!


Tink this is an outstanding endeavor and we are so grateful to be included in your launch.