Sis Boom Angie Hack-A-Thon Day 1

By Idle Sunshine

Idle Sunshine Angie Hack

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first stop on the Sis Boom Patterns Angie Hack-A-Thon Tour! I am so excited to show you my version of the Angie, it’s definitely my new favourite dress.


You might remember in my recent post from the Just For Me January Tour that I am an Angie fan and that I planned to make one in knit fabric!

Idle Sunshine Angie Hack2

With most things in life, I like to do a bit of research and then just give it a go. Usually that works out fine… In this case I think I pretty much nailed it!

Idle Sunshine Angie Hack

Let’s take a look at a picture from the original pattern to get a feel for the bones of the dress.


Here’s where the “Hack” comes into it. I decided to make a knit version instead of woven for my hack, partly because I love the drape and most definitely for the comfort and fit. I also decided to reverse the height of the necklines and make the front a high neckline and the back low. I used a quarter circle skirt instead of a gathered one and I added cap sleeves!

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Guest Blogger: Sis Boom Sally for Summer by Jeanine Thomlinson

Jeanine runs our Facebook Sis Boom Pattern Co page and knows our patterns inside and out. If you have any questions about our patterns or sewing in general, hop over to our FB page and ask away. Jeanine and the rest of the lovely ladies are super helpful. Hope you are having an amazing May where ever you are. Color Brigade is on it’s way and should be in stores soon. Give us a shout on Facebook and Instagram when you have it in stock, and we’ll let the world know!


I am in LOVE with the Sis Boom Sally pattern! Of course this is no surprise as my favourite make and wear dress is the adult version, the Sis Boom Angie.


The cutting and sewing of this dress is 2 relaxed hours. There are no closures, the back has elastic, so it is nice and simple. The kiddo can pull it on and off without any fuss at all. The sash is optional. but I love the look the sash gives it!


Perfect dress for twirling and playing and tea parties!


Modified Angie and Gabriella Fae for Summer

The ever talented Jeanine, customer service for Sis Boom Pattern Co and Scientific Seamstress Fan page made this gorgeous modified back maxi Angie with bold ric rac and long Gabriela Fae’s for her little girls. Maxi dresses have been a popular warm weather dress for a few years, and these are stunners!

Head over to the Scientific Seamstress blog to learn how to modify the Angie back. For the long Gabriela Fae dresses, Jeanine added a front panel and quilting details. Just darling.





Angie in Lucky Girl

Loving this Angie in a big rose print from Lucky Girl! Complete with a belt made from Lucky Girl’s Emma, pair this summer dress with a navy cardigan, some neutral wedges and a bright pink purse! Done and done!



Angie gets dressed up…

Something we love to do is imagine our line of patterns as people. Each one seems to have a personality of its own… mostly easygoing and comfortable, and also versatile. We took this Summer Angie and gave her a little Spring / Fall look.

What would Angie wear if she were to go out with friends? There’s nothing that a denim jacket and pair of riding boots can’t transform! This is our beautiful model, Kelsey.


Another Sis Boom Girl!

Our photo shoot a few weekends ago was a smash hit complete with a spectacular team…. we had our fave photographer Tim Geaney, hair & makeup stylist Nancy Geaney, wardrobe stylist Madeline, stunning & super sweet models Debra (who you met yesterday) and Kelsey (below)! What fun we had! Read about sweet Kelsey below!!

Things I love:
1. Writing – It’s therapeutic, and I love the idea of others connecting with me through my writing.
2. Artichokes – I love artichokes so much that I wrote my college essay on them. And no, it wasn’t just about the vegetable (although they do taste amazing). Artichokes symbolically represented my passion for getting to know people. The best artichoke’s aren’t always the most beautiful, and getting past the outside layers to heart is always the best part.
3. Following the news – I am a news junkie. I’m always up to date on the news and I strongly believe it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on in the world around us- even kids!
4. Country Music – I love country music, and Taylor Swift is my girl. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs with her (she just might not know it!).
5. Dreams, and dreaming big – I love ambitious people, and I am one of the most ambitious people I know. I don’t count on others to dream for me, and I don’t count on others to get me there. Luckily, at the age of 22, I’ve already met some amazing people who’ve helped me get to where I am today. But there’s no stopping… everyday is a new dream.

Things that I hate:
1. Waking up early – You think I’m naturally this pretty? Come on, I need my beauty sleep!
2. Salad – I do not have the diet of a skinny girl. Food is a part of life, and I enjoy life. It’s weird, but I really dislike lettuce (hence, my hatred for salad). I don’t watch what I eat as much as I watch how much I eat- to me, food is about moderation.
3. A broken heart – I hate having a broken heart, and even more, I hate seeing people I care about with a broken heart; all I want to do is fix it but usually that just takes time.
4. High heels – I wish I could love high heels, but I’m so tall! At 5’9, I can’t wear much of a heel without towering over everyone. So, high heels are something I’ve unfortunately come to hate. My friends tell me to embrace my height… but I told them not until I find a tall boyfriend!
5. Crayons – Ever since I was little, I’ve hated the smell crayons. My sister used to take them in the car on road trips when we were younger and I would throw them out the windows. When I have kids some day, I hope they like colored pencils!

I grew up in Wilton, Connecticut and graduated from Lafayette College in 2011 with double major in International Affairs and Film & Media. Throughout my childhood, I loved sports; gymnastics was my passion but I ended up playing Division 1 lacrosse in college. I now work at Fox News where I write and produce for FNC iMag, focusing on food and wellness. I love my job, which few can say at my age; I feel very lucky and try hard not to take a minute of it for granted.

What I love about Sis Boom is the color; every time I put on a Sis Boom dress I find myself feeling a little bit prettier, a little bit happier, and a lot more colorful. We all could use some more color in our lives! I have a feeling that if the world wore more Sis Boom, it would be a happier, more colorful place.