The Vanessa and the Betty Ann

Rave reviews coming in and nothing excites us more.  Look at this little one in the Bettyann a great vacation dress to have at the ready!! 


It’s a big day!

It’s the official launch of Bettyann and Vanessa.  I just have to say I love all the photos on facebook!!  OMG please follow us on facebook it’s like a big Par-tay up in there.  Our friend Alyson Ray of Thread in Tuscumbia, Alabama gets to launch these in her brick and mortar!! Yes we said PDF patterns in brick and mortar !!  Alyson has been testing our new coupon system in her store and is teaching folks the basics of printing and sewing with PDF’s!!  She can sell you a coupon to enable you to download a pattern and have it accessible to you when you get home and are ready to print.  Alyson thank you for being the wonderful passionate woman you are, we are so crazy about you!! She will have it before Thanksgiving and we will launch on Black Friday!!!! Call Alyson her phone is here.

Also make sure you read Christine from Creations For Eleanor review of the Betty ann.  She writes the most amazing reviews and we are so grateful to her.