Caribbean Colors: 2014 Emmy Awards

If you don’t already know, the bold, vibrant, joyful and stunning colors used in all of Jennifer’s lines are a tribute to her time growing up in the Caribbean.  That’s right, Jennifer grew up in St. Croix! How cool is that?! Bold colors are popping up all over the place these days and we want to share with you some of our favorites! Here is our first installment of a new series called Caribbean Colors! Today our focus will be the 2014 Emmy Awards! Here are our winners for Best Dressed in Caribbean Colors on a Red Carpet:

Samira Wiley in Christian Siriano:



Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Carolina Herrera:


Heidi Klum in Zac Posen:


Edie Falco in Escada:


Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta:

zooeyAnd finally, a special mention goes to Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli Couture (who along with Heidi Klum was my personal best dressed star) for Best Pop of A Caribbean Color:







As if the HGTV feature wasn’t enough to make our heads explode, this vibrant collection was featured on the (eh hem) front page (eh hem) of Horchow yesterday. Sigh. We’ve always admired Horchow and their style-setting ways, so to see Sis Boom up there was truly a special moment.

Thank you to Horchow for spreading the Sis Boom love!


Autumn-ize that Angie!!

Hi everyone! It’s still Madeline here, as Jen is representing Sis Boom over in Ohio at the Country Living Fair! (Go Jen!!!!)

Let’s talk clothes… More specifically, Sis Boom patterns.. ohh yeahh!

The whole process is so magical, is it not?! From the first step of choosing your pattern… to selecting the most perfect fabric with the most wonderful and right-on colors, ideal scale, and personality that suits you better than you had ever imagined… to the time spent at the sewing machine.. and then finally, the moment you slip that garment on and stand back with a smile on your face. Magic!! How much fun is that?!

I wanted to chose a pattern today and showcase some accessories that can enhance the look and take it right into Autumn.

My  choice is the Angie Dress. Ideal by itself for the warmer Summer months, Angie can really work year round. For those of you who aren’t ready to put it away for the cooler months ahead, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! BTW, as I come up with this look, I totally have Katie in mind… how beautiful is she in these photos!! I’m hoping this is an outfit she’d love to wear. Maybe I’ll take her shopping when she comes home for her next break! (sorry, Jen! haha!)


So, either get that Angie out and start accessorizing!… OR if you don’t have one, it’s time to MAKE ONE! Happy Sunday 🙂 xo Madeline

Honey Child Clutch!

OMG we are in love with this sweet little Honey Child clutch!!! There are a whole bunch of perfect little clutches on Sassy Stiches by Lori‘s Flickr page and you’ve gotta go check them out!!! Let’s see … hmmm.. what could we wear with this adorable accessory….

We couldn’t help but to have a little fun planning an outfit around this clutch… we wanted to show you how versatile these prints can be!… From a little girl’s dress, to a sophisticated woman’s purse, Sis Boom does it right– spreading cheer and happiness!

We Heart Decorate!!

It’s special and always fun to have amazing blog resources when it comes to style and decor, but to have a beautiful publication that you can hold in your arms, display on your coffee table, and reference in a heart beat is truly meaningful and important.

Talented and loved-by-all blogger, Holly Becker, has just announced her new book, DECORATE, and we couldn’t be happier and more excited for her! DECORATE will be available in the US on May 1sr!!! We also have to give a very special shout out to Laura Lee Mattingly, one of the Girl’s World Editors, who is also the US Editor for DECORATE!!.. That kind of makes us all Chronicle Cousins in a fun sorta way! Love it! Love being ‘related’ to such talented peeps!

We have always admired Holly’s creative words and visuals on her beautiful blog, Decor8. Holly is not only inspiring but also supportive of all her fellow designers and crafters. She constantly leaves little gems of advice on twitter, which we all benefit from, and the eye candy she blesses us with daily is the fuel that keeps our decor motivation pumping!

Good luck, Holly! We know you will soar with this newest endeavor!

May your Holiday be Filled with Glamour!

We are wishing you a glamorous, stylin’, Sis Boom Holiday. May all of the parties you attend, and all of the parties you throw be full of laughter, joy, and wonderful friends! Have an awesome day and know that Sis Boom is wishing you all the best in 2011.