Another Beauty

Just a short post today..running..Rachael Daisy does it again with Girls World Vibe.  Thanks to Blue Mountain Daisy for posting this amazing quilt.

A New Girl in town!

Nida White just connected with us on facebook and I’m so glad she did!!  Talk about a Sis Boom enthusiast!  I got a little nosy not too nosy of course but I saw other beautiful things she had created on her facebook page.  She lives in Singapore so really and truly we can call her an International star!!!  It also looks as though she has Girls World check out the message board!!  Thanks Lola Pink for carrying Girls World!!! xo Nice to meet you Nida!!

For sale in Etsy

Cutest Dress in Girls World Vibe!!!!!!!! Check out that ball of fabric flower!!! Incredible creation!  Thanks Maddie and Cate for this sweet dress.



The Devon

When you wake up there will be a new pattern in town!!!  Called the Devon !!  Dress or Top you call it and here it is in the Wonderful Girls World Vibe tangerine!!!!! Our lovely friend Debra agreed to model this for us and we couldn’t be happier..She was the right choice for this pretty peasanty look!  Devon is the daughter of Cathy who is our customer service rep for the Pattern side of the biz and who we are grateful for everyday..imagine if I got a call with how do you attach the sleeve????  I’d simply say  “go with sleeveless and have a nice day” it would not be pretty!!!!   Cathy has been with Carla for a few years and knows all the ins and outs of these PDF’s downloadable patterns  which we always encourage you to try!! Devon is Cathy’s daughter and we wanted to tip our hat to Cathy for all the good she does in helping all the customers. And truth be told Devon is a cutiepie!!

So thank you to Carla for another winner in our pattern line up and for being the very best partner a girl could have..xoxo

My friend Lady Jane

Remember when are moms all called us Lady Jane??  Well when Sue ad I became friends on twitter one day I just said hey Lady Jane and she remembered when she was called Lady Jane. So we’ve had a sweet connection ever since and now I get to preview all her amazing talents with Sis boom fabric and it’s always unbelievably fun to watch her create.

Just look at the mommy and me Rosetta bags she created with Girls World Vibe ! Oh we are loving those those sweet rosettes !!  I love to share Sis Boom friends  photos because it’s always inspiring to me and to our readers.  I love how she paired the Girls World Vibe fabrics. Just for reference there is even one size larger in the Rosetta bag.  So thank you to  Sue from Antique Basket for the double ruffle whimsy. Sue has a great etsy store too!!

Just a quick peek!!!

Our girl Monique has been busy with Girls World Vibe!!  So darn wonderful!!!  Look at Carrie as one piece of fabric, almost didn’t recognize it as a drape. Brown is just the bomb and a splash of pink behind! The quilt ,the pillow, just wanting to be adored!!

Monique I’m moving in!!!

Girl’s World Vibe

Have you noticed? Our new (but not available, just yet) FABRIC!!!! Girl’s World Vibe, that is!

We received sooo many inquiries regarding those fabrics used in Girl’s World… and being that most of them are discontinued and really tough to find (if anywhere, they’re on Ebay and Etsy!), we just couldn’t leave you hanging!… Which is why Sis Boom designed a brand new fabric line to channel the awesome vibe and energy of those used during the making of Girl’s World.

The new line is appropriately named Girl’s World Vibe, and we are ecstatic with the look of this line!!! We hope you love it as much as we do! It won’t be out for a little while, so enjoy it with us via our fabrics page for now. We’ll keep you posted!