My mom’s made up word for everything she loves!!!!  So I’m borrowing it to let you know Sew Mama Sew is having a big sale on Girls World Vibe!!!!! We call it that because we wanted to bring back Casey Scroll in a fresh new way!!!  Tangerine is the hottest color around.  Look how beautifully Debra (photo Tim Geaney) wears The Devon in tangerine!!  Try also making a Pareo wrap  Like Judy Buchannan of Hickity Pickity did with amazing pom poms, perfect for all the warm weather we are going to have this summer or order one from her yourself..Thanks Judy..xoxox

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  1. Sis Boom is our go to fabric for all our favorite Spring and Summer goodies!! Wrap yourself up in it!! You wont be disappointed!!

  2. AHhhh! Thanks for the heads up! As I was shopping three things sold out! But, I still got some great stuff to add to my crazy huge Sis Boom pile–I ***think*** I’ve almost got enough to start piecing together quilts for my girls beds and doing their ribbon boards, etc. I can’t wait. 🙂

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    I LOVE my tangerine Devon like this! And girl you have me all over that color now! I even found SHOES that are just the perfect color of Sis Boom Tangerine. I am thinking the shoe industry has been checking out your goods because there are LOTS of cute summer shoes in Vibe and Love colors!
    There goes that Judy with the most darling beach wear ever!Love her and her work!

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