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As most of you know Girls World has a fabulous technical writer and Illustrator named Dolin O’Shea.  I was and am so grateful for her expertise!! She’s the real deal! The kind of perfectionist you want on your team.  Well Dolin is back from Stitches with her patterns that sold immensely  well and  we are happy to help her launch a new biz for herself.  LuLu Bliss has been around for awhile but she finally is pursuing what she loves.  Dolin’s patterns are gorgeous, seriously beautiful scarves that you can make!! You must check out her website! I even spy some great gloves over there!! So on this very special day she is offering a great giveaway below are the rules! just leave a comment on any of those links and you are good to go..Good Luck!!

Here are the details- Giveaway is for 2 skeins of Liberty Wool (by Classic Elite Yarns) in color #7806 Reflecting Pond and the Polka Spot pattern.

Pattern description: The Polka Spot Scarf is a stylish easy-to-knit accessory. It is a wide shallow asymmetrical triangle shape that takes advantage of the squishy garter stitch texture, while maintaining a nice drape to the finished fabric. It would be a great project for the beginner knitter who wants to try a few new techniques: increasing, decreasing, yarn overs and a sewn bind off. Even a more practiced knitter will enjoy knitting this scarf, because it has just enough going on to keep you interested. It looks great made up in a variety of different yarn weights and doesn’t require any major time or yarn commitments.

My website:

My facebook page:

Ravelry name: Lulubliss

Tell her I sent you and enter to win..Let’s give her the best launch ever. The most deserving human being on the planet having had to work with me for three years!! xoxo

Girl’s World for the Speical Girl in Your World!

Not to toot our own horn.. (errrrr.. that’s exactly what we are about to do)… but, we are getting the most rave reviews on Girl’s World and had to take a moment to share it with all of you.

Between folks praising the simplicity and awesomeness of the patterns (big thanks to our dear Dolin of Lulu Bliss), and the oooh’s and aaah’s over the absolutely stunning photography by Tim Geaney, (not to mention the rest of our fabulous & talented team), we are just so, so proud of this amazing Chronicle Books publication.

This brings us to our next note, which is the idea of Girl’s World as a holiday gift. We just think that it is such a special collaboration of photographs, projects, patterns, and a true labor of love, that will add creativity, happiness, joy, and and truly imaginative, whimsical experience into any little girl’s life!

So, with that being said, maybe you want to let Santa know… or maybe you want to spoil yourself and pick up a copy just for fun. Order yours at Amazon today!

Either way, we know you won’t be disappointed 🙂

I am a lucky Lady

So you’ve heard of my book Girls World but a secret I don’t share with many is that I am a novice sewer at best and I would rather sew paper than fabric.  No patience for exactitude and admire everyone who has the patience to create something wonderful . i really do. I’ve taken sewing lessons several times and don’t seem to have the aptitude but I really love sewing and know quite a bit about it I just s__k at it.  OK nuf said. So the publisher Chronicle suggested I speak with several technical people before I make a decision who to work with.  We spoke at length with a few folks but it became clear early on that Dolin O’Shea was the person for me. .  She is super technical and the most earnest person I ever met.  Dolin wants to do a great job for whomever she works with and works very hard to deliver projects on time and with the best attitude.  It really is all in the attitude and she never once expressed any frustration or difficulty.  She is a top notch professional and it’s important for me that you meet this great gal behind the illustrations and technical writing of Girls World.

I asked her to help me tell you guys more about herself and this is what she shared.

The store I work part-time at is called Bobbin’s Nest Studio (  It is a wonderful place that has knitting, crocheting, sewing and embroidery supplies.  Basically, everything that I like to do, so it is hard to come home with a paycheck.  I also do some teaching at Bobbin’s Nest.  I mainly teach beginning sewing, beginning embroidery and a crochet class here and there.  I do private lessons with folks too, most of those are for specific things like helping them fit a pattern or help them finish a project that they have gotten stuck on.

Outside of the store I do all sorts of things to keep me busy, freelance writing, technical editing, couture dress making and custom sewing for clients.  I do want to publish my own line of sewing patterns, since pattern making is my passion and what I did as my career for 15 years (13 of those for Gap Inc.).  I am working on some knitting and crochet patterns for Bobbin’s Nest, that will be available for sale in the store and on Ravelry by the end of summer.

She is a love bug and her blog is She is amazing and loves her dogs just like me.  We were fortunate to finally meet in California because she led the class on the Virtual Radio Network site when we had the Mary Fancy Sash Dress Tutorial on line.  Meeting her, after working on two books together ,was the highlight of the book publishing process.

So say hello to her give her a big gratitude hug for making my vision so complete. love you Dolin.

Rick Rack Cuties!

As registration comes to a close (Hurry up! You’ve still got ’til May 12th to register!!!), we want to thank everyone who has helped this fabulous project come into fruition!

So, a big, heartfelt thank you to all of our fabulous sponsors, to Judith Norman, Dolin O’shea… and last but certainly not least, all of you that have signed up! We are ecstatic to share the Mary Fancy Sash Dress tutorial with you and we know you will love it!

We also wanted to take a special moment to point out all of the cuties on the Rick Rack page wearing the Mary Fancy Sash Dress! Super sweet! Click here to go take a look!

Have a fabulous Saturday!

Sewing Class Registration open at Virtue Radio Network!!! Hurry up!!

Sign up today!

Rick Rack: Thread Therapy for Sewers kicks off its new season of affordable online sewing video tutorials with a class featuring Jennifer!!!

For its feature project, Rick Rack chose the book’s pretty cover dress (Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress) as its first online sewing project of the new season.

REGISTER TODAY through May 12, 2011 and join Jennifer Paganelli and Girl’s World’s pattern maker and sewing expert, Dolin O’Shea, on May 15, 2011 for this exciting online sewing video tutorial!!! Go to Virtue Radio Network to REGISTER, or to learn more about this class including What You’ll Get and What You’ll Learn.

sis-boom-dress-girl's world

Green Glitter Apron Coming Your Way…

Morning, Lovelies!!!

We are just having so much fun these past few days divulging all of the Girl’s World secrets we had to keep for so, so long! We can’t thank you enough for your support, beautiful comments and for spreading the word!

We’re certain you noticed the stunning green glitter apron in our previous post… well.. good news for all of YOU! Pretty soon we will be placing a limited amount of these beauties in the Sis Boom Store!!.. and maybe, just maybe… hosting a green glitter skirt raffle sometime in the future!… So… stay tuned.. It’s sure to pop up within the next few weeks 🙂

Just to get you excited… (and how beautiful does our Sophie look?! Wowzer!)

A few more very, very special people we want to mention in this post (we were so blessed with such a spectacular team that these Thank Yous will surely continue over the course of the next few weeks!!)… Our Dear Barbara Strawser whose beautiful paintings are placed here there and everywhere throughout Girl’s World… her artwork brings the story to life and completes every scene! And to our spectacular Dolin — We SO could not have done it without ya!!!

psssst In case you haven’t caught each of the raffles yet (and yes!, you may partake in ALL 3!!!), here are the links:

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