Take Advantage!!!!!

Melissa P. mentioned below has a million ideas for this bundle so check her blog!!!!  Raffle ends this Thursday at midnight so we can announce winner friday.. leave a comment or even a grunt..we love love love hearing from you..?Thanks Westminster for doing precuts the folks love it but are just getting to know that you offer them with some of our lines so be sure to check guys and gals!!!  Have a great weekend..

66 Responses to “Take Advantage!!!!!”

  1. Sarah Davenport says:

    LOVE you stuff ^.^

  2. Renee says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  3. Tanya H. says:

    A grunt? My kids were up all night and there wasn’t much sleep happening at our place, so a grunt might be all I’m capable of producing (=

    Nah, just checked out Melissa’s blog. Great stuff. Love those Hallowe’en bats!

  4. Betsy Shinn says:

    i love girls World! Can’t wait to get Jennifer’s fabric and sew, sew, sew!!!!

  5. Precuts!!! (sigh) Oh how fun! BIG LOVE!!!

  6. Garilyn says:

    Melissa does have some great ideas!

  7. Kathy G. says:

    Melissa’s pillows are beautiful – both with Sis Boom and Jane Sassaman (who was just featured in Quilter’s Newsletter). Thanks for another idea with scraps! Love to de-stash.

  8. Ginger says:

    Love the precuts!

  9. Gail Whitis says:

    Fabulous scrap pillow! How did she know that I’m looking for ideas for Christmas? Bingo!! Yay for precuts!

  10. Marianne says:

    Beautiful pillows by Melissa. Bring on that bundle!

  11. Victoria Roos says:

    Hooray for beautiful fabric!

  12. Carrie L says:

    I love any kind of Jennifer’s fabric! It’s always so bright and cheery!

  13. Megan says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Precuts.

  14. Mary says:

    Did someone say Precuts????? Loving Melissa’s ideas!!!

  15. Dawn says:

    Melissa P. has more talent in her pinky than I could ever have in my entire body!! As I’ve mentioned many times she does great things.

  16. Shannon says:

    OOO! A sisboom giveaway!! That always makes me smile. Endless possibilities… ;o)

  17. Why only a grunt? We’re normally on the cake trail so I’ll add a beautiful Sachertorte to whet your appetite! Seriously though, Poodle is my second favourite line after Queen Street so I’d love to be the winner

  18. Leigh Ann F. says:

    I love all of it!

  19. Rebecca says:

    I love it when designer fabric gets matched up with solids – takes out the guesswork and makes ordering online so much better!

  20. Stephanie says:

    LOVE, LOVE! I want it all!

  21. What a pretty package of beauty!! I think I would make some patch christmas stockings or maybe a new doggie collar for my girl lilli!! or maybe a babyhat, or a christmas ornament, or a belt, or a dress for a stuffed kitty…..hmmmmmmmmm so many choices!!!

  22. Christy says:

    Since I started sewing a year ago I have fallen in love with any and every Jennifer Paganelli fabric and try to catch it on sale if at all possible but it goes so quick and I always seem to be so late:-) Thanks for the opportunity to win something. Love it!

  23. Leah Kinghorn says:

    I would love to get my hands on this!!!

  24. Beth says:

    love your designs

  25. Dolores says:

    What terrific colors!! Would love to be the winner! 😉

  26. nikki says:

    How wonderful! I would love to win this lovely bundle 🙂

  27. MollyP says:

    Love me some precuts! Yeah Westminster and Sis Boom!

  28. Jenny Fish says:

    Love Melissa! She really is amazing. Love the Poodle!

  29. Peggy M says:

    I’d love to win some of this great fabric. Hope I am posting in the right place. Thanks.

  30. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Precuts really are so handy to use!! Melissa P is truly the best!!! How cute is her Kitten KaPoodle!!

  31. cocoquilts says:

    Melissa has great ideas! Love the spiderweb quilt! How perfect to find precuts in Sis Boom fabric! Thanks!

  32. Julie L. says:

    Absolutely love them….precuts are so fun, they actually force me to think in whole new ways – how about some fantastic flowers to top a fun sundress?

  33. Amber Hunter says:

    WOW How lovely!

  34. Molly Cook says:

    I have a 1.000 ideas already….I just love the vibrancy of your designs. Thank-you for the opportunity to enter!

  35. Kim V says:

    This would be such a fun bundle to have!

  36. Dawn Lynn says:

    I love love your fabrics… would make lots of cute stuff with it 🙂

  37. jenn a says:

    as a mama of two with (l LOT) less $ than i had a year ago, precuts are my favorite way to play with TONs of color anymore.

    but a give-away….these would be AWESOME!!!

  38. Tina M says:

    I would be so so SO excited if I was lucky enough to win this! I am a “JP Collector” and to add this to my fabric shelves would be a dream come true!

  39. KD-Quilts says:

    I love precuts (and Sis boom fabric!). My first precut I ever bought was Flower Power!

  40. Katherine says:

    Your fabrics + precuts = PICK ME!!!! 🙂 I would love to make a sweet baby quilt with these beauties.

  41. christi smith says:

    I absolutely love your fabrics. I actually hoard it in my “special” pile!!!

  42. I have fallen in love with pre-cuts over the past year! I used to never buy them but once I started it was like a Lay’s potato chip! You can’t stop with just one! I would love to win the 23 Fat Quarters of Poodle!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabrics!

  43. Kayli says:

    I think I could find something(s) to do with these with or without Melissa. I would love the chance because I love your fabrics and colors!

  44. Jennifer H. says:

    I love Poodle prints. They are so bright and cheerful!

  45. KC says:

    I just love your fabrics.

  46. Jen O says:

    Love the fabric and colors! Also love Girls World!! Made two projects so far love both!!!

  47. Susan says:

    Absolutely love your fabric… Thank you for the opportunity!

  48. emily says:

    Love it.

  49. marlene says:

    Thank you for doing this! Just came in my studio to create, looking for the right fabric!

  50. Love your fabric! Thank you for doing this!

  51. Irma says:

    Ur stuff is beautiful!!! <3 it!

  52. I think your fabric is so beautiful. It makes me happy to look at it!!!!!

  53. Stef says:

    That is some very happy fabric!

  54. Tatiana says:

    I can’t even imagine how to live with no SisBoom fabric! always always always! first I check if store has JP fabric. If there is still some money left-ok, now it’s time to take a better look at other fabric:)))

  55. beth says:

    We are undergoing a Sis Boom transformation at my house, and want to keep it coming!!

  56. Sara says:

    I am making a bag right now from “Honey Child”…need Poodle! for the next one!

  57. Amy S. says:

    I am just starting to sew and my first dress was from the Rick Rack class for Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress… would love to win the fabric!

  58. Deborah says:

    I love the Poodle line for quilting! =) Please enter me for the drawing…I promise a photo of a finished project or two!

  59. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    Precuts are like the cherry on top! 😀
    Love Poodle line.

  60. Kristin says:

    love it!

  61. Lana says:

    Oooooh, 20 fat quarters? It would be so much fun to win them! 🙂

  62. Jennifer, I love Sis Boom fabric. Sadly I have such a hard time finding it in yardage where I live let alone in precuts. WOW. I wouldlove to get my hands on some precuts to make a quilt for my niece. She is a green pink purple fan.

  63. Karen Linton says:

    Great giveaway! I’d love to win. :o)

  64. Linda Lincks says:

    I need these pre cuts!! There are no stores near me that sell any designer cottons. I just got the Girl’s World book and need to make something!! LOL

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