Go, Baby, Go!

Heyyy all! Ok so not to make you super jealous or anything, but I got to spend the entire morning with my most awesome, special friend Kate Spain! (ok so you can be a little bit jealous 😉 )

Not only did we chat and laugh a lot, but we got to craft together!! You see, the fabulous Accuquilt gifted me with this wonderful machine called the Go! Baby.  This sweet little tool comes with several die cuts and helps you create fabric shapes in the blink of an eye!… seriously!

It’s an awesome tool for any crafter, sewer, quilter or scrap-booker (and more!). It doesn’t stop there– My girlfriend Kate tought me about heat bond for Appliques. I used the heat bond on the back of my shapes and I am ready to go! I am SO hooked and haven’t stopped all day! My dies included hearts, puppies and circles. (And ps guess what!– the circles would be great for making yo-yos!)

There’s More!!!!

So here’s the deal. I’ll be working on a special project featuring the Go, baby. When that project is complete, I’ll post it here on the blog and simultaneously host a raffle!!! One winner will win… are you ready for this… a GO BABY MACHINE! Yeah! You read it right!

Keep coming back, the project will be up within the next few weeks!

Sis Boom Sighting…on an island…

Leave it to our lovely, talented Friend and uber inspiration, Kate Spain, to have another Sis Boom sighting. Her other recent sighting was in this beautiful shoppe window… the one she emailed us with today takes the cake in our ” tropical Sis Boom Sightings” department…

Kate spotted our Sis Boom Back Bay pillow… in St. John!!!! How fun is that!! To know that a little piece of Sis Boom is in St. John makes us so happy (and warm!)

Want to see this beaut on your couch? This lovely online store, Modern Chic Home, is where it’s at…

and, no, of course we haven’t forgotten the Queen Street Challenge!! Winner will be announced within the next few hours! George has some reviewing to do!… everyone’s submissions were stunning!