Tickles me!!

Zabtree Couture you have quite the eye.  OMG it takes a special vision to put these fabrics together in this ingenious way but I think the theorey is if you love it others will too.  I never would have put these together but omg I can’t stand it ,thrilled with the outcome and I know it is going to inspire others to really just may I say “CLASH”  if it feels right do it!!!  Sometimes a matchy matchy world can close us off from amazing options but friends of Sis Boom all know to do whatever their heart calls them to do!  We see it over and over with the folks highlighted on the blog.  We love your signature, we want to see what you are up to!!  These photos give permission for others to do the same.  I get in trouble because I’m not so matchy matchy but my heart flattens a bit when all the blues match, takes the fun out of creativity.  There is an energy that we don’t see other places when folks express themselves in this colorful way.  Zabtree you rock my casbah!! Theresa Abel Martin you go girl. Find her on facebook.

PS. take a look at the lining of the dress!


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Minding my own bees wax

ok so I’m sitting here after  George of customer service woke me up from my nap with loud barking.  I love how he lets me investigate to see if a prowler has come in while he waits upstairs until I give him the everything’s clear sign..  Poor George I’m afraid in his mature years is spooked by anything that resembles a shadow or sounds like a pin dropping..anywho I get on etsy and I find that Monique has been busy with the West Indies Collection making baby bumpers for cribs.  Her color sensibility blows me away.  One thing that I love about her when you use Sis Boom Fabrics across lines it all works!!!!  She really fascinates me!! I wish her all the continued success in the world..see how she does it.  oh and it’s all for sale..  Get the bumpers made before the baby arrives ,!!! Thanks Monique for sharing your color sensibility with us once again!!