The overthetop Tote!!!

Look at these beautiful combos!!!  Tabbo Designs likes to mix it all up and doesn’t apologize it’s her hallmark!!!  She’s my kind of gal. She holds on to our older lines and infuses the new lines. Here at Sis Boom lines never go out of style! Let these fabrics be your signature!! So thanks Stephanie for always running out of your product, reversible headbands fly out the door!!  Check out her etsy shop and keep checking back things go quickly!!!! Stephanie when you are hot you are hot..check out this profile piece I just love and now I know where Tabbo came from!!

Thanks Stephanie for being you!!! xo

6 Responses to “The overthetop Tote!!!”

  1. fantastic work Stephanie and we think you are brilliant too!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Jennifer and Judy! I had forgotten about that profile I wrote…not sure what was going on then! Pretty funny that most of it is still true! I actually woke up last night with a crazy Sis Boom idea that I can’t wait to put together! I love that all of the Sis Boom Sista’s “get it”, although I have a feeling Judy is a bit more organized than me!

    • no i am not at all!! i would show you a pic of my studio to prove the point and put aside all rumors of me being organized, but it is so bad all i can tell you is that it looks like a herd of hamsters got out of the pet store and they are living in there!!! cant stop to put it together until may 1st, then it might look just a little bit better. ask Katie, she always tells the truth!! she will just shake her head and say it is hopeless, i have sisboom everywhere!!!! for some reason i am ok with it, someday i will get it together!!

  3. Jamie Harned says:

    Love it!!! My brilliant ideas also come to me in the middle of the night!!!

  4. Jenny Fish says:

    I love seeing what Stephanie comes up with! You are so creative with everything you make.

  5. Monique says:

    Such beautiful work! It looks like we all think alike!! 😀

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