Do you have an hour and 1/2

Cause if you do pull out your Girls World and make the Josie.  I’m sorry but I could not resist this little one with her golden tresses and golden dress!! It’s so magical!!!  What I love is that Girls World is just one of those books that comes along that can be on your shelf for 100 years.  We love trendy clothing and we love ruffles and lace but why not begin here and add to it all those fun things.  I learned early on that simple is the way to go, those that want to adorn have that option.  Nothing in this book will go out of style.  I am such a huge advocate of this awesome book and if you read all the credits and contributions you’ll know I don’t do anything alone!!! These folks get the kudos tooo!!! I rely on my posse!!!

So I was so grateful when Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking reached out and offered to do a review!!!!  I had no idea she had this little pumpkin in mind !!  Look at how she changed it up a tiny bit.  A great contrasting sash and the tiniest detail of a blue zipper.  So inspirational. Suzannah made this in an hour and 1/2 !! I’m even feeling patch pockets would be a nice addition to the Josie !!!  Live it up!!

Thanks for the great review and doing it all so well!!! Bookmark this one folks!!