10 Yard Giveaway Old School style!!!!

Haaaappy Monday!! We know Mondays are tough, which is why we’re going to give you a reason to smile!….

These 10 yards are Sis Boom classics! They can be yours! Leave a comment to enter!

Ohhh no! Someone got a hold of them… George…?! Geeeeoooorgeee??!! Can we please have that fabric??

If you’ll excuse us, we’ve gotta go get our 10 yard stack back from George so we can eventually pass it on to YOU!

George? Please? Can we have them back? Pretty Please?

Leave a comment on this post to automatically enter yourself in the raffle! good luck! You’ve got a week or so, until winner is announced!

447 Responses to “10 Yard Giveaway Old School style!!!!”

  1. Margarida says:

    I think George wants some fabric puppies eheheh

  2. Laura rieben says:

    I’ll take them when you can get them back!

  3. Lesly says:

    10 yards! Wow! That is amazing – thanks for the chance!

  4. Denise Malbrough says:

    C’mon George! I want that fabric!! I’ll trade you a belly rub for it! lol Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Sarah says:

    OMG some of my absolute FAVES in there!! Oh please pick me Jennifer 🙂

  6. Oh wow!! These fabrics are gorgeous and George, Obviously, has impeccable taste!! Thanks for a chance to win… I am a huge fan!!!

    Also, I have to say, I follow Jennifer on Twitter and she is the sweetest thing ever!!! Thanks for being so down to earth!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    George is so cute! I would love to win 10 yards of fabric! Thanks so much for your nice giveaway!

  8. Lora W. says:

    The fabrics are beautiful. I hope I win. =)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. You do realize that this will completely ruin any plans of destashing??? Yay! Now, I ‘m off to bake cookies to bribe the random number generator. Cheers!

  10. Vicki says:

    Hi George! I’d love to win that glorious stack of fabric:) Thanks for the chance!

  11. Scott says:

    Classic Sis Boom for free?? why of course I will throw my name in the hat!!come on George…just hand those over to me…nice customer service rep…

  12. Laurie says:

    this would be Perfect with all my other Sis boom accessories in my studio!
    Would LOVE to win!!!! Some of my favs!!!! Thanks!

  13. Hi George!! If you can part with that yummy fabric, I would love to try out all those awesome projects in the new Girls World book!! 10 yards of heaven, please!!!!

  14. Laura says:

    If you can get it away from George, I’ll be happy to take it!

  15. Tom says:

    Gotta love George! He sure has good taste in fabric and owners!

  16. inkie says:

    wow 10 yards! that would be very handy! Everyone I know if having babies 😀

  17. Jan May says:

    The colours suit you George, no wonder you got your paws on it quick. (perhaps Mum will make yu a Bandana?)

  18. Nancy says:

    What a cutie George is! I would Love to win this Raffle, please enter me!!

    Thanks, Nancy

  19. AlyGatr says:

    Aw, I’m not entirely sure George is willing to give them up! Wow, this giveaway is like the Sis Boom Powerball. I would sew until my little fingers fell off with all that fabric.

  20. Tiffani says:

    Beautiful! Already dreaming of what could come of all that lovely fabric! 🙂

  21. Terrie says:

    Love George and Sis Boom! Also, love Girl’s World. Adding 10 yards to my collection would be a wonderful bonus, See you in June!

  22. andrea says:

    Tell George that my Daisy needs a new bed made out of that gorgeous fabric! 🙂 LOVE George (you & the fabric too)

  23. Patricia says:

    Have a happy stay at Atlanta! I wish I could join…

  24. Kelli says:

    Too cute! At least we know George has good taste! 🙂

  25. Amy says:

    Looks like George makes a good fabric guard dog! Thanks for the fin giveaway!

  26. Sarah says:

    10 yards?! Wow!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  27. Lotta says:

    Lovely fabric! I’d love to win and make something nice with it.
    Lotta in Sweden

  28. Barb in MI says:

    Your fabric watch dog George seems to be doing a great job! No wonder you need one: it’s just beautiful! Thanks for a chance.

  29. Debbie says:

    Ooooo!!! We’d love some SisBoom please. Also, we (Allison and I) saw pictures of you and your booth at quilt market on Boutique Cafe. You and the booth…simply beautiful.

  30. Since you’re hitting the road, Jennifer, we’d love to have you here in Chicago!


  31. KarynLiza says:

    If it doesn’t upset George to take the fabric away from him I would love it! I have your book and my daughter is desperate to have a new dress. So pretty please George!

  32. Shay says:

    Yum-what great fabric!!!! I hope I win!

  33. Carolyn says:

    Those colors are beautiful! my friends and I make pillowcases and send them to the troops, that fabric will make stunnnig pillowcases! Good luck in Georgia!

  34. Isabel Z says:

    What a heavenly prize and as always your blog is a visual delight.

  35. elizabeth says:

    Ooooo!!!!! I would love to win…ruff rufff!

  36. Melissa says:

    OMGoodness:) I would love to win some of your fantabulous fabric:) Thanks for giving me the opportunity:) Happy Monday to you, as well!

  37. cynthia says:

    I would love the fabric, and I would love your adorable little George too!!!

  38. Heather says:

    Maybe George would be willing to swap for a houndstooth print? Can you really blame him though for having such a great eye for fabrics?

  39. Linda Cavette says:

    I would love to have this fabric. I need it to add to my
    collection. I can think of a lot of things to make with it.

    Linda C

  40. Rebecca says:

    If I win, I promise to share with my chocolate lab!

  41. Jessica F. says:

    How fabulous!!!!!! Such beautiful prints!

  42. Pam says:

    A perfect antidote to this wicked Spring – those colors make me soooooo happy!

  43. EFY says:

    What a beautiful pile of fabric! Who wouldn’t love to unfurl the pieces and start creating?! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. Blessings.

  44. Amy says:

    Wow! Ten yards of bright, imaginative, colorful inspiration! What I could do with that!!!

  45. Kelly says:

    What beautiful fabric! I can’t seem to find a place to buy your fabrics so winning would be a dream. Thanks

  46. George is so cute, and obviously is completely smitten by the beautiful fabric, as I am, and this Monday, they’d sure make me happy 🙂
    Thanks for your gorgeous blog and giveaway!

  47. Kari Ilg says:

    Wish I lived near GA! Texas is too far :(. Might have to Internet shop!

  48. That is a great way to start the day! Thanks for the inspiration!

  49. Happyme says:

    What wonderful fabrics! Thanks for the opportunity to win..Happy Monday!

  50. Fiona says:

    what a beautiful pile of fabric! I recognise some, but would love a chance to win them!!

  51. Melina says:

    Wow!!! I so want this fabric-it’s so beautiful!! I have 2 girls to sew for-and frankly I’ve never seen a fabric line you have designed that I didn’t like!! When I first started buying designer quilting cottons-I chose your fabrics over everyone else-cause I just couldn’t resist them!! Now I just need to get a copy of Girls World…..;)

  52. Debbie says:

    Good luck in Atlanta! I look forward to seeing you in CT. Can’t wait to make a new quilt with your fabrics.

  53. Darlene says:

    Love, love the fabric. Wish I could join you in Atlanta!

  54. ann says:

    WOW, what a generous giveaway. please enter me–George slobber and all 😉

  55. Catherine says:

    Oh goodness! 10 yards of your beautiful fabric! What a great giveaway!

  56. Renee E. says:

    I am a huge dog lover and so is my dog!! Such pretty fabrics, me and my daughter would love those!!

  57. Pamela says:

    LOVE your patterns and fabrics…thanks for the give-away:)

  58. Jessica says:

    Wow!!! They are beautiful and I could do a lot with 10 yards! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  59. Jean says:

    aaaaawwww! George, I’ll trade you a new toy or maybe a homemade biscuit for that pretty stack of fabric. Pleeeeeeease?

  60. Sara says:

    I haven’t had any Sis Boom in my hands yet. I bet there’s some beautiful bags, pouches and skirts to be made from that fabulousness!

  61. Sue Cahill says:

    My darling dog would love to rest his head on that yummy fabric, hopefully George will be will ing to share.

    Thanks so much for the chance.

  62. Angie says:

    This fabric is from one of my favorite lines. Wish us all luck!

  63. Rebekah says:

    love the colors in that stack! Puts me in the mood to make something… yay!

  64. Lori says:

    Feeling lucky today – your beautiful fabric will look lovely as patio pillows!

  65. Sally says:

    I’d trade a whole box of (large!) dog biscuits for that bundle! Whaddya say, George?

  66. mjb says:

    I understand George’s feeling!

  67. Courtney says:

    I sure hope George decides to share! Your fabrics always inspire the most beautiful creations.

  68. susigoround says:

    thanks for the chance, I would love to win, George can get another stack from you, I guess…

    regards from Germany

  69. Linda says:

    Hummmm, If George can have some fabric I need some for my Kiki! She sneaks into my sewing room and prances out with fabric whenever she can. With 10 yards we can both have some to play with.

  70. Kristen says:

    What a great set of fabric! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  71. Dawn S says:

    What pretty colors! And 10 yards? That is crazy wonderful. If I scratch George’s tummy will he hand them over?

  72. Danneel says:

    Thank you for offering such beautiful and inspiring fabrics to feed my addiction!!!!:)

  73. Amy says:

    I love your fabric, they are the most vibrant and gorgeous colors! George has great taste 🙂

  74. How wonderfully-delightful! Would love a chance to win your yummy fabric…that is if George will let you sneak some away.


  75. Allison says:

    Would LOVE this fabric!

  76. Tanya says:

    Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer. I would LOVE to win. 10 yards is the best prize EVER!

  77. Jennifer says:

    Please share the fabric, George! I would love to win it!

    PS–my dog Sadie says you’re cute! I think she has a crush!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. George, can we please be allowed to see this pile of deliciousness you are using as a comfy pillow?

    Phoebe says you are more than welcome to come and join the pack walks and play sessions if you are allowed out. there’s lots of lovely dogs to play with here and one of two little monkeys too

  79. Amy Ozuna says:

    I would just be in heaven!!

  80. Doina says:

    Great giveaway! Please count me in!

  81. Lori says:

    Oh! I just LOVE George! Thanks for the giveaway! I just started 2 dresses from Girl’s World this weekend and my sisboom stash is seriously dwindling so I’m hoping I have some luck on this one!!!

  82. mrs doodle says:

    OH yea! I am crossing my fingers and toes and hair!!!! lol I would love to win:)

  83. jerusalem says:

    ohh I would love to win that stack! I have so many projects ahead of me : )

  84. Tara says:

    I would love to win the fabric! I need to build up my sis boom stash!

  85. Thanks, Jennifer! I’d love to win!

  86. gwyneth says:

    so generous! thanks!

  87. cw says:

    10 yards? That’s awesome! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  88. Belinda says:

    I’m sure George is holding on to those fabulous fabrics just for me 🙂

  89. Toni says:

    I love you jennifer and I love george! I would be thrilled to restart my sewing career with your yummy fabrics!

  90. Oh yes please! How sweet of you Jennifer and the SisBoom team.

  91. fern says:

    George is really loving the fabric! I’d really love it too! So would my pups, Berkeley and Amelia.

  92. Monique says:

    I see some prints I don’t have and would love to win!! Thanks for the chance. xoxo

  93. Alisa says:

    10 yards! I would love that lovely Sis Boom fabric. Thank you so much for the chance.

  94. Sachiko says:

    Hi Jennifer! It was so good to meet you in person at the Quilt Market and blogger’s meet up! You are such a fun and warm person, I became even more of a fan of yours! I hope I win! 🙂

  95. so we added chickens says:

    George has good taste 🙂

  96. Heather says:

    these would look SO adorable with the dress patterns in the book! my daughters would be ecstatic! i’d love to win!!! thanks for your generosity!!

  97. Jen says:

    I’d love all 10 yards and George too! But will settle for the fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. Amber says:

    Ekkk….hopefully I am the lucky one!!!

  99. Laurel H. says:

    Yes, George, please relinquish those beautiful fabrics, so I can win them!

  100. Liesl McLen says:

    Hello there George…My new Boston Terrier puppy, Tookie, wants me to tell you hi! He thinks that I would make some fabulous aprons out of this beautiful material!

  101. George knows wonderful fabric when he sees it (and rolls in it)!

  102. hehehe… George. 🙂 My pup likes to “help” too.
    Very generous giveaway. Thank you!!

  103. Leigh Ann says:

    George is so adorable! The fabric is too 🙂

  104. Bree says:

    What a cutie!

  105. tricia says:

    Im so excited about this giveaway. Pick me! Pick me! Wish I was close to Atlanta but im in beautiful cali, when are you coming this way? HeHe! Those fabrics would make a darling dress too! Thanks ladies! Tricia

  106. Kerrie says:

    Oh how I’d LOVE to win these fabrics, even with a little George fur thrown in! 😀
    Thanks so much for the chance at a great giveaway!

  107. Jennie says:

    Can’t blame him for loving those fabrics!! If he’s willing to share, I’d love to make some pretty things out of those! haha!

  108. kait witte says:

    Love your fabric… and George is super cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. Jessica F says:

    Happy Monday indeed!! Thank you for a great giveaway! Looks like a gorgeous stack of fabric!

  110. Melissa P says:

    Thanks for the smiles this morning. George’s excitement is contagious. 🙂

  111. adelina says:

    ten yards of fabric!! wow, thanks for the chance. Fingers crossed. . .

  112. Michelle says:

    So cool! I would love a chance at this beautiful fabric. Please count me in.

  113. Tina says:

    The possibilities are endless w/ 10 yrds of fabric! Wow! This is so sweet of you to give away. Thanks!

  114. julie says:

    George is just as charming as your fabrics! Wow, 10 yards! Thinking of everything I could make with this stack of loveliness!

  115. stacy says:

    OOOOh, the things I could do with 10 yards!

  116. debbie says:

    I would love to win this fabric from sweet George. Thanks for the giveaway and for all the beautiful fabric you keep designing.

  117. Martina says:

    Lovely! Thanks for the chance!

  118. Kelly says:

    Ten yards – what a giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. Terri says:

    George please pick me. Jennifer Your fabric is stunning.

  120. Ellen Ban says:

    Would love 10 yards of your gorgeous classics! I’d love to meet you at Intown but I’ll be at work from 2-4 on the 3rd.

  121. Carrie L says:

    That is so generous! Your fabrics are always lovely. Thank you!

  122. Kim says:

    Woo hoo!!! A giveaway!!!

  123. Suzanne says:

    I would love to win 10 yards of beautiful fabric….. thanks for the chance….good luck catching Georg3!

  124. Rosean says:

    Fabric is gorgeous! Thank you!

  125. Chantal Renfrow says:

    Yep! I’m a material girl! and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I’d beg for that fabric!!
    beg beg beg….

  126. Tammy says:

    Fabulous giveaway! And what a cutie George is!!

  127. sudi-laura says:

    Beautiful fabric, but the dog is pretty cute too! The Sis Boom gang is fantastic!

  128. Janet says:

    Your fabric is always a joy, this would supply us with some serious sewing adventures!

  129. Lori B. says:

    WOW! 10 yards of yummy goodness.

  130. Mariam says:

    10 yards of that gorgeous fabric, yes please!

  131. would George arrive with the fabric? He’s too cute! 🙂
    Thank you for making Monday- marvelous!!

  132. Kimberly says:

    How generous! I would love to win!

  133. Beth says:

    super fun. Fabric is so happy!

  134. Jacqueline says:

    It doesnt look like George wants to give em up. =) You are such a generous kind person! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  135. Mary says:

    10 yards!! I would be sooo excited to have 10 beautiful yards of Sis Boom fabrics!!!

  136. robin says:

    10 yards – wow! If George wouldn’t mind terribly much, I’d love to win them. 😉

  137. Melinda says:

    I’d love these! Thanks!

  138. Cindy Nordstrom says:

    Thank you for the chance to win some of your darling fabric. I hope the Quilt Show in Salt Lake was a huge success…hopefully more shops will carry your line. Just an FYI…we bought some of your darling fabric online and we started work on the quilt and a dress from your book. We are so excited to see the finished product. Thank you again for making such adorable fabric and for the amazing book!

  139. Jodie says:

    I would love to win your fabric from George. I have lots of your patterns and would get so excited to sew them up in this fabric. George needs to come over and play with my Sweetpee.

  140. Sandy says:

    It was a rainy stormy morning, but you just brought me some sunshine, thanks for the giveaway!

  141. Denise says:

    Wow! Ten yards! There are so many cool projects to do with ten yards. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. Bridgett says:

    10 yards is beyond generous for a giveaway!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  143. Rose says:

    Wow! I would love to win 10 yds of your fabric – if you can get it back from George! Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. Anita says:

    How fun to get play with 10 yards of your beautiful fabric!

  145. Both George and the 10 yards of fabric are hard to resist! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  146. Shannon F says:

    Wow!! What an amazing give away! These would go wonderfully with my new copy of Girls World! My 7yo has now chosen pretty much every project in the book as what she wants me to make first. She and I adore your fabrics!

  147. Meghan says:

    10 yards of fabric? WOW! So glad George is enjoying it as much as one of us will be soon!

  148. Deborah A says:

    George is a dog after my own heart – loves fabric as much as I do. How lucky for all of us to have a possibility of winning 10 yards of your gorgeous fabric. Thank you!!!

  149. Dawn says:

    George has good taste. 🙂 I would looooove 10 yards of your fabric! I used it in two skirts last week — and last night I was cutting it for a quilt. I love-love-love it…

  150. Marsha M. says:

    Oh my gosh! Please add my name to the list. Loving these ~ and the new blog site.

  151. Erin Waters says:

    Oh my heavens!! I would love 10 yards of your beautiful fabric!!

  152. Andie says:

    10 yards of Sis Boom fabric. Heaven.

  153. DianeY says:

    Well-at least we know George has fine taste!

  154. Wow! That beautiful fabric is sure to brighten up a Monday!!!

  155. Ariane says:

    I would love to win this fabric. It’s gorgeous!!!

  156. What is it about dogs and fabric?! My pug Fergie must have been a seamstress in another life! If I leave something out she will find it and roll around in it, savoring every thread like a juicy steak! haha There’s a little part of her in everything I create…if you know what I mean! xoxo Karyn

  157. Mary Smith says:

    George looks awful cute with the fabric, but my three girls would sure love to have some dresses, skirts or anything else made out of this material.

  158. Amy says:

    Oh wow! what a great giveaway…and a super cute dog:)

  159. sarah anderson says:

    I enjoyed your interview with Jackie’s Quilting Chronicles. Your fabric looks amazing! And I can’t wait to read your “Girls World” I just had my first baby girl and I have a list a mile long of things to make for her – I’m sure this won’t “help” the list. I also heard your book mentioned on Stash Resolution. Smiles and thanks for the opportunity to win some fabric.

  160. Becky S says:

    George is so cute! I would LOVE to win some beautiful Sis Boom fabric!!! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway.

  161. Becky M says:

    Oh my goodness – so wonderful! Can I take George too? 😉

  162. Lisa Holmes says:

    Wow, a 10 yard stack, that is a big slice of heaven !! Hope to have a lucky number.

  163. I would love to be entered…that is so incredibly generous!!

  164. Terri Paulson-Sasaki says:

    Oh, that would be so cool. I just finished looking at your new book and I would love some of those goodies to make some things out of your book.

  165. Alicia B says:

    Lovely giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! Great fabrics!!

  166. Rosemary says:

    George dear, would you please bring that lovely stack of fabric here to me in Ohio? Thanks sweetie.

  167. Autumn says:

    I would love to play this giveaway game. Thanks for the chance to win.

  168. Evelyn says:

    Oh, I’d love to win those – they’d be perfect for some summer dresses for my daughter (I need to get your book too!). Thanks for the chance!

  169. Allie says:

    LOL – I think George likes it as much as everyone else! Now there’s a dog with good taste!

  170. Crystal says:

    Just finished making my first dress from your peasant dress pattern. Would love to have some new material to play with.

    Hoping I can sneak away from work for the book signing!

  171. Seriously?! And with Girls World getting here today, I would be SO set–my girlies are learning to sew this summer!! I wanna win!! You are so amazing to your fans!!! (and George is stinkin’ cute!)

  172. Emma Patricia says:

    Gorgeous fabric! Perfect, I just finished the web-class
    dress and I’m ready for more projects in your new book; so,
    some more fabric would be the icing.

  173. Megan says:

    My fabric shelf is in desperate need of some Sis Boom fabric, and since I am a retro type of girl this collection would be perfect. Please George–

  174. valerie says:

    Wow! SO pretty! Love all the bright, fun colors!

  175. Jeanne W says:

    Oh, would love some of this!!!!! I am having such fun with the Girl’s World. Making dresses and things for my daughter and 5 nieces!

  176. Shawnna says:

    Gotta love a dog who loves fabric!!!

  177. Jill says:

    Gosh — 10 yards! What a great give-away!

    I remember the first time I ever saw your fabrics in Country Living Magazine all those years ago…and have been hooked on ’em ever since! Love, love, love what you do!


  178. Bridget says:

    10 yards of Sis Boom love?? Wow, this is a treasure. I would love to get my hands on this and spread the love. Everytime I gift someone with a handmade goodie made from any of your lovely fabrics, they just fall in love. I believe a little sisboom love can change the world. I would shower some well deserving friends with a little joy! Love Love LOve your stuff – you’re the bomb!!

  179. Chris H. says:

    Completely addicted! Would love to win so i could make some pretties this summer with my DD! We are making “George the Puppy” this weekend!

  180. Elaine L. says:

    It would be so awesome to win ten yards of your fabric! I’m redecorating my bedroom and it would be great to incorporate these fabrics into my decorating scheme.

    Your fabrics are traditional, but with a beautiful snap of color that makes them so current. They are the new classics.


  181. Stefanie says:

    I would love to win. Thanks!

  182. sharon says:

    I am almost out of my stash of classic sis boom and I need to win this

  183. Shannon H says:

    I would be so very happy to win!!! My girls and I would be wearing some very pretty clothes with it!

  184. kristie says:

    Wow! I’d love to win.

  185. Linsey says:

    I would love to win these precious fabrics!

  186. Jill says:

    So pretty! I have 3 nieces that would look adorable in those fabrics.

  187. Cindy Y. says:

    Love your fabric, love your colors! My friend just told me about you today and all ready I’m hooked. Would brighten any day! PS my dogs Koa and Nalu love your work as well.

  188. Rachel says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this lovely fabric?? Thanks for the chance!!


    HappyQuilting at DewberryLane dot com

  189. Linda says:

    My dog, Laika, usually goes for shoes.

  190. Tabitha O. says:

    Things have been sort of tough here lately but those fabrics would perk anyone up….regardless these pictures are funny and make me smile!

  191. BlessedCP says:

    Greetings! Your new book looks FABULOUS! And since I have several little girls in my life it would be a terrific acquisition.
    I am so excited for this fabric giveaway.
    Would you please ask George if he will let me have the 10 yard bundle for my birthday? Wednesday is my birthday.

    Thanks for the giveaway and the dazzling inspirations!

  192. Rebecca says:

    Oh, wow! Those would TOTALLY make my day!!! Thank you so much for the chance!! Yay!!!

  193. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Hee Hee giggle, George is such a big puppy!! I just want tickle his tummy! 10 yards of beautiful Sis Boom fabric is such a wonderful and generous giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  194. Kathi says:

    I would love to use your beautiful fabrics on another pillowcase dress, or maybe a knot dress, or maybe ruffle pants, or for my Marissa pattern that I haven’t used yet. The possibilities are endless!

  195. Kim says:

    Me please!!!!!! I will even share with the puppy ;o)

  196. Darci W. says:

    Yes, please! What better way to start creating from Girls World then to be using this fabulous fabric? I also am in love with the idea of doing Girls World Parties…can’t wait!

  197. Gwenllian says:

    Wow! What a prize. I’ve just got your book and I’m already dreaming of all the things I could make from it with 10yards of beautiful fabric!!!!

  198. Erica says:

    Count me in please!!!

  199. Patricia says:

    Wow…what a fantastic giveaway! Does George come with the fabric if he won’t let go??
    Thanks for the chance!

  200. Lucille says:

    I can think of SO many projects that could include some of this fabric! I would love to win them.

  201. Amy says:

    My dog, Levi, loves to lie on my stash piles of fabric, too. He would love it if George would share the fabric with him!

  202. rachal m says:

    great fabric, megacute dog!!!

  203. Bethany C. says:

    George has fabulous taste in fabric! Thanks for the chance to add this to my stash! 🙂

  204. Erin says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! So love this fabric!

  205. Mamasue123 says:

    When George wakes up, you can tell him his friends Toffee and Sue could sure play with 10 yards of Gorgeous fabric!!

  206. Aunt Spicy says:

    pst, george, over here…if you pick my number I will share with you, or make you a scotty dog 🙂

    What a fab giveaway, Sis Boom is the best!

  207. Louise says:

    So YUMMY, the fabric and the pooch!. One happy and sassy, the other cute and cuddly.
    Beautiful giveaway. Thanks.

  208. Cloud Mom says:

    Love your wonderful bright fabric!

  209. Oh my gosh!! Ten yards of your fabric?? Love it! My goofy cat, Randall Catlisle, loves to lie on my fabric! Yay for a giveaway. Jayne

  210. susyd9 says:

    Just ordered 4 yards of Honey Child. Can’t wait! I’d love to add more and make a quilt for my adorable granddaughter!
    “Give”, George!

  211. Tanya says:

    ha, how cute is that dog?! Thanks for the giveaway

  212. susie wurl says:

    Lovely, summery fabrics, George. Let’s see ~ I’d make a mom + daughter sun top set, a couple of pillows, a new set of placemats….

  213. LuAnnH. says:

    Wow 10 yds of sis boom fabric how nice. I would love to have it if George will let it go.

  214. Joan says:

    I would love to win 10 yards of your fabric it is AWESOME!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  215. Krystal says:

    Oh, incredible…10 yards! Let’s see, I need dresses for the girls, a quilt for the TV room and maybe a skirt for me too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  216. Stephanie says:

    Would be so cool to win! LOVE your fabric!

  217. Lisa LeBlanc says:

    Hey George, over here..I will trade you some of my fabric stash for your bundle of pure loveliness! Lisa in Texas

  218. Jeanne Gwin says:

    Wow, I had to go find another pair of socks cause you just knocked mine off with this giveaway. Thanks Jennifer!!! Now I have to contemplate what I would do with 10 yards of fabric, I know it will be quilt related or maybe a cute purse first and then one for granddaughter, maybe my bff should have one too. Oh shoot, I will have to think on it a long time. thanks for the opportunity

  219. Julie says:

    Wow…10 yards!! Would love to win!!

  220. Emily says:

    Does it come with that super cute dog? No? Ok, well I have a few of my own who like to rest on quilt tops.

    Love this!

  221. Sivje says:

    Oh Please please please!!! Thank you for the chance George and Jennifer too!

  222. De says:

    By George…I would LOVE to win your fabric collection ;P!!

  223. Priscilla says:

    What a perfect way to make Monday more bright! It would be lovely to win 🙂

  224. Tanya H. says:

    Ohhh, tell George I’m offering up homemade doggie biscuits if he gives up the fabric! I’d love to win such a generous giveaway. Thanks so much!

  225. Michelle Graham says:

    George acts just like I do!!! NOBODY messes with my fabric!!! They are just beautiful Jennifer!!!

  226. teresa says:

    Hello there Mr. George!
    Wags from DOogan!
    Hugs from Bainbridge Island!
    I don’t blame you…I’d be LOVING on that Sis Boom fabric too!
    Count me in on this FABULOUS…too good to be TRUE…giveaway!
    YOU KNOW how I feel about SIS BOOM fabric!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and LOVE~
    Teresa and the FUR~BALL!

  227. Elaine says:

    George is adorable! Hoping to win the 10 yards of your wonderful fabric!

  228. Sarah G. says:

    Awww, George is SO cute. (Oh yes, the fabric is too…) 🙂

  229. Claudia says:

    Oh my, could I be soooo lucky?! Keeping my fingers crossed, and off to check your book.

  230. Shawn S. says:

    Oh! YEA!!!!! I am thinking about all of the the wonderful ways to use that beautiful fabric!!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!

  231. Barbara Heidloff Corl says:

    You and George are just loittle fabric angels… Thanks for being so generous… even if I don’t win it. <3

  232. sandra pipitone says:

    I’ve just gotten my book NOW I need fabric to make EVERYTHING in for the girls!

  233. Jessica says:

    George had better give the fabric back…I want it! =)

  234. Stephanie C. says:

    I can honestly say I’ve never owned or sewn any Sis Boom fabric but I am always eyeing it online. I’d love to win!

  235. Chasley says:

    Georgie Porgie Pudding Pie Please Pick me!!

  236. T Meier says:

    Wow! What a pretty assortment! I’d feel guilty taking it away from the cute wee pupster! But only a bit! LOL

  237. Cind says:

    Oh what a lovely collection! I think George doesn’t want to give them up.

  238. Paulette says:

    George – I’ve got a few cats you can play with (they need the exercise!)

  239. Cindac says:

    Oh what a lovely collection! It looks like George doesn’t want to give them up.

  240. Tonii says:

    George, drop! I need that fabric!

  241. Ginger says:

    Wow 10 yards! You are very generous.

  242. Vicki says:

    Found your blog via the lovely Rosie of Fabric Shopper fame.
    Hope Australians have the chance to win also?

  243. Astonishing says:

    10 yards – wow! George we gotta have those fabrics back, lol

  244. Tricia Whelan says:

    oh, of course I would like the chance to win some of that gorgeous fabric. (even if it comes with a little doggie drool lol)

  245. Karen says:

    I would be over the moon to win this fabric! Thank you!

  246. April says:

    WOW! Seriously? 10 yards?!?!!!

  247. Cassy says:

    10 yards? Whoo Hooo! Although, I think George may be angling for a new doggie bed in these fabulous colors

  248. Cassy says:

    10 yards? Woot! Woot! Although, I think George thinks it’s 10 yards of puppy love…

  249. carol broughton says:

    Oh, to win that gorgeous 10 yards of Sis Boom fabric and my doggies would love to meet that cutie George!

  250. Colleen says:

    Just got Girls World in the mail today. I cant seem to put it down now all I need is some beautiful fabric :)!!!!

  251. George would gladly give up those fabrics if he knew they would brighten a charity quilt for someone in need of a little TLC.

  252. Diane Rigby says:

    WOW!! I would be honored to win these fabrics … they are from when I first discovered you & fell in love with your fabric designs … to win would be a wish come true! thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  253. Patty says:

    It looks like George found a pillow

  254. Nina says:

    Love the fabric! The ruff-ruff ( as my little one calls them) is really cute, too!

  255. Margaret M says:

    Beautiful! I’d love to give all 10 yards a nice home! Thank you.

  256. Lindsay says:

    Cute pup, cute fabric!

  257. Lara says:

    I love love love your fabric!!! I hope I win !

  258. Evelene Sterling says:

    Love the fabric and the pup! Thanks for a chance to win some amazing fabric.

  259. bethany says:

    10 yards of Jennifer’s fabric ***faints***.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  260. iman says:

    i should’nt missed this very very generous giveaway. God, help me win this..:)

    btw, i want to buy girl’s world too..

  261. Lena Verviris says:

    OMG…10 yards of gorgeous SIS BOOM fabric. I think I might just need a diaper if I win this lol. What an amazing prize of yumminess!

  262. Laura Snazel says:

    10 yards? What a dream! Having a gift like this fall into my lap would sure give me something magical to sink my teeth into this summer!

  263. Ashley C says:

    Ooo…So pretty! I love your bright blog 🙂

  264. Renee S says:

    10 yards of gorgeous fabric? Sounds fabulous!! My fingers are crossed 🙂

  265. Michelle Balletti says:

    Please tell George it’s okay that he is playing with my 10 yards of lovely and delish fabric heeheehee….tell him, if I win, I would be more than happy to make him a toy out of some of the fabric 🙂

  266. Sarah says:

    Tell George that he doesn’t have to be parted from that gorgeous fabric. When it comes to my house, he can come too!

  267. Kim d. says:

    George, you’re too cute, let go of that fabric and if I win I’ll make you a toy. Thanks Jennifer for the chance, you are so generous. Love your gorgeous fabric.

  268. Tas says:

    Just pop George in the envelope too. He’ll love Australia 🙂

  269. Amy says:

    OMG George is so cute! Looks like he loves a good wrestle. 🙂

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  271. Lil says:

    Georgie boy, I will give you a cookie, but hand this bundle over to me please

  272. Jackie says:

    See what happens when you don’t cruise the blogs for a day… you alsmost miss a great giveaway!! Would love some of the “old school” Sis Boon fabrics!! So sorry I missed you at market!

  273. Kristy says:

    Share George share! Good dog!

  274. Mary ann says:

    Gosh my bullie Spike would love to roll around too in 10 yes of scrumptious fabric! Thanks!

  275. Tammy says:

    Can never have enough of your fabric. Going to need so much more once my autographed Girls World arrives!

  276. Madeline S says:

    Just received my very own copy of Girl’s World over the weekend. I love it!!! Such beauty!!! Such style!!!Winning this fabric would be icing on the Sis Boom Cake!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  277. Abigailb says:

    Ten yards of fabric would be fabulous!!! Pretty please!

  278. Michelle L. says:

    Ooh, I’ve been searching for some of those prints.

  279. Stacy of KSW says:

    I’m opening an Etsy shop in the next week or two and 10 yards of this gorgeous fabric could really make my week!!! Thanks for the great giveaway

  280. Stephanie says:

    OH How I want that stack!! Someone is going to be very, very happy!

  281. Tammy W. says:

    Your blog post is adorable! Cute puppy dog! Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful fabric! Super yummy!

  282. Peggy says:

    I would love to win 10 yards of your fabric. It is all so beautiful!

  283. pam says:

    love love LOVE the thought of getting ahold of some sis boom fabrics.
    i say give poor george something made out of the sis boom and he MIGHT just be satisfied 🙂
    thnx for the give-away

  284. Kathy says:

    Oh, I’m speechless with this giveaway. George is so smart to pick these for us. I’m already planning the project – so many ideas, so little time. Thank you again for a wonderful raffle.

  285. April says:

    Pretty fabric and cute dog! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  286. Raeann says:

    George has great taste. I am dreaming of the beautiful dresses that I could make for my girls. Maybe a bag or two for mom also. What a great giveaway.

  287. Tracy says:

    Oh, my gosh. I would love, love, LOVE to use these fabrics in a quilt! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  288. Helen says:

    Thanks Jennifer for the great give away.
    Scritches to George!

  289. Misty says:

    I am new to quilting so 10 yards of fabric would be a fantastic start. Gotta love George….What a cutie!

  290. nanette says:

    So cute Jennifer. Love this post. It is darling. Ten yards. Yayy.

  291. Cathy Cranford says:

    hey George,Ive got a cute Boston Terrier I can hook you up with…

  292. Dawn says:

    Thank you so much for a great giveaway!!

  293. Tess says:

    Yay!! 10 yards!! Great giveaway!! George is a hoot!

  294. Stacey says:

    What a great giveaway. I just bought the book and have bookmarked so many fun projects!

  295. George ~ move over babe…we NEED some new fabric 😛

  296. Leah K says:

    I hope it’s me! I hope it’s me!

  297. Lorna says:

    I love George and the fabric as well lol

  298. What rock have I been under? Just found your fabrics and I am in love!!!

  299. Rachel F says:

    Love the 10 yards and George is such a cutie! Hope he is willing to share the fabric!!

  300. Geny says:

    Uauuuu … 10 meters of fabrics from Sis Boom?? Wonderful, fantastic! Was going to love it. George, please send them to me, my dog ​​(Mary-Ldor Golden) was going to love it. Pleeaaase! In Portugal was going to be very successful!

  301. J. Harmon says:

    WOW, I would love to win the 10 yards so that I can make a few of the beautiful projects in your fabulous book!! Thank you for the chance!

  302. Rebecca says:

    I’m envisioning a mix of sundresses, skirts, and totes that I can make with those lovely prints! THANKS for the chance!

  303. Marie says:

    If George decides to give it up, I would love to win!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  304. Tina says:

    would love to get some of your fabric. I have been searching high and low for anyone locally that carries it to no avail:( Winning would be almost as good!!!

  305. Annette says:

    I would LOVE the fabric!!! 🙂

  306. april c. says:

    i would LOVE to win this fun set of fabrics! what a fab giveaway 🙂

  307. Veronica says:

    What a great giveaway!

  308. Shannon Winters says:

    poor George, he looks like heneeds a nice pillow made just for him!

  309. Beth says:

    I would love the fabric. And George can come too!

  310. Beth says:

    Wait, that is Jennifer fabric! I REALLY need it. I make quilts for my girls when they graduate high school, and my daughter is in love with your fabric :)She graduates an exactly 1 year.

  311. Jodi Buckmister says:

    oh how i would love to get my hot little hands on the material…..thanks for the chance to win!

  312. connie says:

    I have fallen in love with the colors and the sweet and cheery look!! I have 5 granddaughters that I sew for. (dresses, skirts, quilts, decor, etc.) So/Sew inspiring!!!

  313. Jan Richards says:

    Thanks for a chance to win 10 yards of your beautiful

  314. Jenny Fish says:

    I really love your ‘old school’! If I win can George come with it??? =D Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  315. Bridget says:


  316. mommymae says:

    holy smokes! what a generous giveaway! and an adorable pup!!

  317. Gina S. says:

    Oh pick me!! I would love the fabric and you could send George along too!


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  319. Jen says:

    Would love some Fabric!! I love using bright happy colors and the fabrics are amazing!! The puppy is too cute, hope I get to meet him at your book signing.

  320. Gail C says:

    Oh Wow!! I’d love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  321. Mandy says:

    If I am very lucky this fabric might come to Australia and play in my stash with the other JP’s there. Thanks for the lovely opportunity to dream.

  322. ruth says:

    what a delicious bundle of fabrics. Your wonderful colours always cheer my day! George is so very cute and cuddly looking too.

  323. Abby says:

    Pretty Pretty! I’m imagining dresses for my daughter and a skirt or two for myself. Thanks for the opportunity!

  324. patty says:

    What a generous giveaway! That fabric would make some beautiful baby quilts!

  325. Sylvia says:

    I would love to win your fabric. I haven’t tried it before so it would be great to get the opportunity to use some of it. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  326. Olga Becker says:

    Beautiful! I would love to win!

  327. Heide says:

    I will make George an excellent offer for that fabric. Have his people call my people.

  328. Meg in CT says:

    What can I say, George has excellent taste in fabric! Some lovely bits in there–I can see a quilt in the making!

  329. Jeanette says:

    Hey! I don’t want to be left out! I can always use fabric, are you kidding! 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win. Puttin’ on my big girl boots and throwing my hat in the ring. Uhhh…..I hope George doesn’t like chewing on hats….

  330. Susie says:

    10 yards of your beautiful fabric…. what a dream! only if George is included? just kidding. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  331. Dana Hines says:

    I love the beautiful colors of this fabric. I have never sew with a laminated fabric and now I am very anxious to try it!

  332. Liz says:

    I hope to make it to your stop at Intown Quilters but I might need to find a babysitter first.

  333. Tami says:

    Lovely fabric and I hope I have posted in time to possibly win! Thank you for a great givieaway!

  334. Nicole M. says:

    I just found your site and I AM IN LOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!! I love the modern takes on traditional patterns. So much inspiration!!!

  335. Jocelyn says:

    What gorgeous fabric! Love the bright colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  336. Shannen says:

    I know exactly what to do with this beautiful prize if I were to win. My 7 year old is ready for a room make over and she loves anything Sis Boom.

  337. MarciaW says:

    I know that George will give it up as soon as he know the fabric is coming to me! Good buddy George.

  338. 10 yards?!? Yes please!!! xx

  339. wow!! that would be so cool!! swoon x 100!!

  340. VickiT says:

    C’mere George! Here boy! I have a nice fluffy kitty that would love to play. 😉 I would love all that gorgeous fabric. I might even share with a friend or two but it might have to come down to them picking the exact number I choose between one and…..oh a million. If they guess that number then I’ll share.LOL I know my Granddaughter would be very excited to get something from the gorgeous fabric though.

  341. Roberta says:

    Wow…great giveaway ans so glad to see the white overlay on the blog now…it ‘was so confusting before when you tried to read and leave comments…much betterer 😉

  342. Tanya says:

    Oh my I would love to give the fabric a new home!

  343. vEr0n!c@ says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! Please include me. Thank you!

  344. Cha Cha says:

    Pick me PLEASE

    Cha Cha

  345. Kathy H says:

    Love a good giveaway! Thanks!

  346. Jennifer R. says:

    Aw. George loves SisBoom as much as I do!

  347. rachel says:

    i’d be thrilled!

  348. Nicole says:

    Ohhh! The projects I’d do with 10 yards. It looks like George is inspired too! 🙂

  349. Darci says:

    Oh goodness I would LOVE LOVE to win!!!! BTW those curtains are to die for!

  350. Suzanne says:

    I’d share with my friends, for sure!!

  351. Jill says:

    Lovely, lovely fabric.

  352. Vanessa B says:

    Sis Boom Classics, woot woot and properly puppy loved…even better 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  353. Beth says:

    Wow! Could I use 10 yards? You betcha!

  354. Heather Mallady says:

    A raffle for fun fabric! What could be more fun than that?

  355. TEN YARDS?? For real? Wow. I think George wants to see me win. Good boy, George! 🙂

  356. Natalie says:

    Oh my goodness! This fabric is so darling.My mom would love this!!

  357. Josi S says:

    Am in love with Girl’s World and longing to get started on some projects. Brought it to my fabric store and they are going to order it for the store since they carry your fabric. Love it.

  358. JoAnn says:

    Oh fun! New house, new fabric for me? Would be perfect as I just purged my stash today and am feeling lonley. Good thing is I donated the stuff I got rid of, but it was so hard to do!

  359. I’m not sure which is cuter, the fabric or the dog! Jacinta

  360. Jenny N says:

    oh.such gorgeous fabric and 10 yards? I would love them and plenty of projects in mind to put them to good use!

  361. niema says:

    hooray for 10 yards of fabric!

  362. Marla F says:

    Yes! Please! Pretty Please!

  363. Danielle Andrew says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful fabric! What a fun giveaway!

  364. Heather says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some cute doggy drool! The fabric is a nice touch too! 🙂

  365. Cassie Folden says:

    Thanks for the chance! I’d love to make beautiful things with it!!

  366. liz says:

    thanks for the opportunity to win that awesome fabric!

  367. Vikki says:

    Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie…stole the fabric and made me cry. When the colours came out to play…Vikki stole them and ran away!!!

  368. Jennifer P says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning George too!!!!

  369. natalea says:

    oh how I’d love to win this fabric! I would make handmade journals with it! thanks for the chance…xoxo natalea

  370. Jenny T says:

    10yds!! I could have so much fun with these! Please pick me!

  371. rhonda says:

    Wow!! What an amazing giveaway!! I would love to try some dresses with this…

  372. Jo says:

    How generous of you! I would love to win such beautiful fabric!

  373. Jeannifer, your gorgeous fabrics gave me cheer during my fight with breast cancer. I cut out all the pictures from Country Living Magazine when they did their arcticle on you and hung them up in my office. I bought a Laura Ashley dress pattern and tried to copy the dresses that were shown in the arcticle. Looking at them every day throughout that long hard winter made me smile and think of the happy, warm days to come. thank you. 🙂

  374. Jennifer, your gorgeous fabrics gave me cheer during my fight with breast cancer. I cut out all the pictures from Country Living Magazine when they did their arcticle on you and hung them up in my office. I bought a Laura Ashley dress pattern and tried to copy the dresses that were shown in the arcticle. Looking at them every day throughout that long hard winter made me smile and think of the happy, warm days to come. thank you. 🙂

  375. Oh!!! What a treat it would be to win that gorgeous bundle! And tell George he can come along too…he likes cats right? 😉 Thanks for the fun chance!

  376. Hilary McDaniel says:

    I’d love that fabric.. Fingers crossed. It’s my birthday soon so maybe I’ll get lucky thank you

  377. Laura Fister says:

    Beautiful fabric!

  378. Alison Curtin says:

    i would love to win this fabric! Pick me! Pick me!

  379. Somer says:

    Ooo, I love it!

  380. Stacey says:

    Vintage SisBoom!

  381. Kailynn says:

    OMG! Just found your website and I love it! 10 yards of fabric would be amazing since I have so many ideas for projects and no fabric in my stash.

  382. Carmen says:

    Love all that you do/make! I see George loves fabric too!

  383. Ange says:

    This is incredibly generous. Lucky, lucky, lucky person who gets them!

  384. Pamela S says:

    10 yards of Sis Boom?! Count me in – what a fabulous giveaway!!

  385. Carla says:

    Wow – what a fabulous giveaway! I would love to win some fabric! Thanks for a chance.

  386. Sarah L says:

    Wow – I love this Blog, what a great giveaway! 🙂

  387. Abby says:

    Oooh, I’m drooling just looking at those fabulous cuts! I love imagining what they could become 😉

  388. Charlotte says:

    OMG your blog,site and divine fabrics are such a delight to the senses, the simply beautiful ecclectic mix is fantabulous. I’m just loving the new book, I received it yesterday and I can’t wait to get into it!!! Thank you for being so inspirational. xxx

  389. Trish says:

    Hands down you are one of my very favorite fabric peeps! I can never have enough Sis Boom – love it!

  390. Aimee says:

    I just created my first ever sewing project, a Sis Boom pattern, Meghan Peasant dress. I love it! Easy for a beginner like me and it turned out pretty fabulous!! I would love to win Sis Boom fabric to create more dresses!

  391. Gayle Grier says:

    Lovely fabric and cute puppie! Thanks for the opportunity to score big at Sis Boom!


  392. Tracy G. says:

    George….give me back my fabric 🙂

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  394. Jennifer, I won’t mind a little bit of doggy drool if it means having some of your beautiful fabrics!

    Good luck to everyone in the raffle! 🙂

  395. Liz says:

    Wow, how fantastic! What a sweet dog. LOVE the fabric. 🙂

  396. Brian V says:

    I’d love to win these fabrics! They’d make a fantastic gift for my wife!

  397. SHARON STAGGERS says:

    Wow, who wouldn’t won’t this beautiful fabric. I know I do!! Love your site.

  398. Kristen says:

    Ten yards?! I think I could come up with a couple somethings to do with that much. Wow!

  399. Claudia says:

    Thx for the awesome giveaway! LOVE the fabric!!

  400. Margaret Hager says:

    10 yards of amazing fabric? Thank you for being so generous! P.S. Have sewn 3 projects out of Girl’s World and still loving it!

  401. Linda B says:

    I love the fabrics and your patterns! I’m a dog lover too! Thanks for this treasure from your stash.

  402. Bev C says:

    Wow, these are stunning. Thank you for the chance to win 10 yards of it.
    Happy days.

  403. Shannon says:

    George has great taste!

  404. DianeH says:

    Sis Boom – love it! Thanks very much for a chance.

  405. Brenna says:

    Ooooh La La, George I’ll trade ya some bikkies for the fabric!

  406. diana says:

    Amazing!!! Love all that she does!!

  407. susie wurl says:

    Fabulous fun fabrics. I love the intense colors.

  408. Sunnybec says:

    George… if you get off that fabric you can have a biscuit…. quick get the fabric someone!!

  409. Teresa says:

    My daughter needs some new, fun summer dresses, this would be perfect! Thank you for the chance to win a stack of such yumminess!

  410. Natasha Crane says:

    Is that a dog slobber spray batik on top? LOL. Now george leave the designing to Jennifer.

  411. Judy H. says:

    I would Love to win this Raffle, fabric is yummy. Does George go to the winner also ? Sure hope sew.

  412. Andie says:

    It looks like George has the same kind of addiction that I have!

  413. Lauren says:

    Oh…….I feel like “swooning”……. just faint at the thought of possibly, maybe, hoping to win the ten best yards of deliciously bright, wonderful, fabrics!

  414. Cindy C says:

    What a fantastic contest! My granddaughter would love to wear these!

  415. Amy says:

    My Ginger dog would love to get her nose on some fabric that George has nuzzled!

  416. Jane says:

    Oh the things that I could make. Thank you for such a generous giveaway. I’m hoping……

  417. i could make tons of happy things with 10 yards… please pick me. 🙂

  418. kat says:

    Such luscious colors and patterns – no wonder George wants to keep them to himself! I hope he’s willing to share ~

  419. Missy S says:

    Adorable puppy!! Does he have his own sewing machine yet? 🙂 Perhaps he wants a special doggie quilt out of the fabric.

  420. Geny says:

    Here I am again ….. I love it all, the book, clothes, fabrics, pillows, handbags, … everything, everything, everything …

  421. Penny Oslica says:

    George, would you please ask Jennifer to pick me for the 10 yard fabric giveaway? I have never used any Sis Boom Fabric and this would be an excellent opportunity to get me “hooked”. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fabric, I would LOVE,LOVE, LOVE to LOVE Sis Boom!!!

    Bgg – Penny

  422. Kate Kiraly says:

    Ooo ooo pick me Jennifer! I see some fabulous pillows in that fabric’s future!

  423. Pat says:

    All I can say is “WOW” “WOW” “WOW” !!!

  424. Laura Snazel says:

    what a generous offer! I’ve had a lovely sunburst pattern in mind for some time-the time is NOW with these stunning fabrics!

  425. Cathy Andrew says:

    Wow, what an awesome offer and gorgeous fabric! Thanks!

  426. Amy says:

    I’m trying to build my JP stash so I can just sit and stare all the delicious eye candy on my shelf – this would soooo help!!

  427. MoeWest says:

    I’m daydreaming about what I could do with 10 yds. of your beautiful fabric! Thanks for the chance.

  428. Linda says:


  429. Evelene Sterling says:

    Ooooh 10 yards of beautiful colors and designs, yes please count me in. bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  430. Cyndi Tullos says:

    WOW!!! Thanks so much. Would LOVE THIS!!!

  431. Abbyb says:

    Is hoping to win this gorgeous fabric so that I can make some new stuff from Girl’s World!! Thanks!

  432. Tonya says:

    ‘Your fabric is so beautiful! Schools almost out and I want to make some shorts and skirts for my daughters’ summer. I would love to give them a Sis Boom summer!

  433. Mimi Alexander says:

    I just found your website and blog yesterday and I am in WONDERLAND!!!! I am a budding designer of dynamic mother-daughter duo and I can’t wait to get my crafty little hands on some of your scrumptious fabric!! I am so throughly inspired by your enthusiasm and I just want to say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”!!! XOXO

  434. Michele Kirk says:

    10 yards….OH MY!!!! How I would your beautiful fabric!!! Crossing fingers and toes!!

  435. Katie says:

    Wow – what a generous giveaway!

  436. Jen says:

    George has some great taste.

  437. April Hurley says:

    I love to find my little doggie curled up on a quilt I made!!!

  438. Mary Ann Rankin says:

    Would love to win…catch George quick and give him a doggie biscuit. My grand daughters would love to have something cozy made from your beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  439. Trina Thomas says:

    Silly puppy fabric is for people!

  440. don’t eat the fabric! I want it!!! 🙂 Super cute post!

  441. Jennifer F says:

    awe. super cute. And an awesome giveaway. If I win, will definitely have to make something to share with George.

  442. 10 yards?! I could do a ton with that!

  443. craftytammie says:

    what a beautiful stack of fabrics! thanks for the chance!

  444. lynn whelan says:

    It’s not too late is it? You know I love my Sis Boom!!!

  445. Teri Johnson says:

    I would so love to win this! They look beautiful!

  446. Dana says:

    Your pup has awesome taste!

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