Let me just say this!!!

Let Girls World be a guide for you to create.  I give you permission to think big!!!!!!!!!!   Several of you have expressed interest in a teaching sewing class!!!  Oh my gosh, the Mary Fancy Sash dress one week the Agnus Tunic the next!!!  or maybe there’s a girlscout troop you lead and  you can make the Goodwill Ambassador badges!!  Those can also be used for a weddings too for the bridesmaids etc!!!  Also that amazing headband, make them and sell them on etsy!! All I ask is that you say where you got your inspiration from, if it’s Girls World give us a hollaback.  As you know Sis Boom is a big supporter of Women and Men starting businesses.  It really excites us so much and when you use are fabrics we just swoooooooooonnn!!   We hope that Girls World can inspire you to create beautiful things and we wish you all the success in the world.  So let us know what you are thinking what you are dreaming about, how Girls World can help you achieve your goals.  Be extraordinary!!!!!!  We love you all and we believe in your dreams.  It all comes back around and there is enough for everyone, oh and my favorite…you are right where you are supposed to be.  Strut your stuff  cause we believe in you!!!

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