Above All Fabric

Look what Melanie Thornton has been busy doing???  love to see the Queen Street designs start rolling in!!!  These are both so wonderful and I loved that her daughter chose the fabrics. Just so you know Melanie also sells the fabric on her website! Please thank Haley for her pretty poses!!  Just so you know Madeline is busy selecting the winners for our raffle and she’ll announce tomorrow.  We love that you keep coming back for more Sis Boom.  Have a great day!!

Layered Pink

Dream in pink

I Pick Purple

5 Responses to “Above All Fabric”

  1. Terriaw says:

    pretty layered skirt! I love the ruffles too!

  2. Those are so darling! Love them. 🙂

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    So cute! I love what Melanie(sweet gal btw!) did with the Madeline. I have my Madeline cut out and ready to sew. Yay! Hopefully a pic in the flickr group tomorrow or Wed. I also love the combos in the pink skirt. All so pretty!

  4. Allie says:

    So darling – and such a lovely little girl!! I think every little girl needs Queen Street – even us that aren’t so little anymore!

  5. Terrie Langer says:

    Jennifer, you have out done yourself! I love Queen Street!!!

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