Listen up!!! Podcast City!

Carol Van Zandt, Kristi from Schnitzel and Boo and yours truly are on the wonderful Modern Sewciety Podcast.  Stephanie Kendron does extremely fun interviews and I’m so glad she made me a part of her very special format!!  I am fortunate because she is a Sis Boomer and not afraid to emote!! Thanks for loving what we do! We also have a surprise gift for everyone inside the podcast. I love me a podcast because I can do it while I’m working and I so enjoy hearing peoples voices.  You can tell so much by listening about a person.  Stephanie is cozy, she has a wonderful warmth about her that begs you to over share. I so enjoyed her and feel like old BFF’s. So sit back or multitask like I do and have fun with it..We put a surprise inside for all you fabulous listeners. podcast

Prettiest Apron

Here it is our reversible apron in Happy Home!!!  Stephanie Basden sent this in and we are thrilled with her fabric choice!!  love the sash and the adornment she put at the bottom..Perfection.!!  Masterful!! Stephanie thanks for sharing your work with us and that it was such a hit with the college bound kids!!! It matters. At Sis Boom we want to be relevant so when the kids like us we are onto something. So thanks Pretty lady for doing the prettiest aprn in Happy home so well!!

I love kits

I also love Jamie Harned’s rag quilts so it’s totally a win win.  Check out her Etsy shop and look at this beautiful combo.  You can make this!!!  Everything inside to create this beautiful quilt.  Keep up the good work Jamie. We admire you so!!!!  Jamie and I go back a few years now and I am blesed to have her friendship and beautiful spirit.

Have You Gone Bonkers for Bosco yet?

So, we know it’s been up for a while on our blog and in our newsletter, but we wanted to be sure that you’ve all seen and downloaded this really special, totally adorable, extremely versatile, and last but certainly not least, FREE, Bosco Bowtie PDF pattern!!!

To download the pattern, either click on the link in the previous sentence, or click on the pattern cover image below!

Thanks a million, Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress, for helping us create this precious little gem of a pattern!… and thanks to the cutie on the pattern cover, Tyler, for doing such a brilliant job at looking adorable! pssst- see Carla’s handsome little devil of a son modeling Bosco Bowtie by clicking HERE

Ok we know what many of you are thinking, “it’s not for me.. I don’t have a little boy…”… and this is where we come in to share with you all of the wonderful uses that a Bosco Bowtie can be put to!…

  • Bowtie (duh!)
  • Headband
  • Doggie accessory (around the neck–so cute, we know!)
  • Funky wrap around bracelet
  • Around a gift
  • As a barrette (hot glue the bow portion to a hair clip!)

Can you think of anything else?? Download this pattern and come up with some ideas! Share them with us via our Sis Boom flickr!

See what Craft Gossip had to say about the Bosco Bowtie!!

Bake up a New Year Treat in this Number…

Inside? Nice and cozy by the fireplace? craving a simple sewing project? Look no further!

This is one you can make, and then make something in! It’s the Betsey Apron! Get tons of ideas on Carla’s site as for how you can personalize these sweet little aprons, and enjoy a handful of great photos too! How special is that bow on the back?!?! We love it.

pssst – are you all working on the Queen Street Challenge?! We’ve already received a few entries and we can’t wait for the rest! Send ’em in by jan 5th! Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!

Sweet Betsey Apron! $10 PDF download - get it in minutes!

Ruffle it up…

Rosetta Bag is here and it’s a big hit!!!!!!  Get your pattern over at You Can Make This!! You can look at the beautiful bags our wonderful testers have made and our girl Carla made it in three sizes!!!!! Thank you Carla!!!!  Oh and if you love Carla’s Patterns leave a comment and win your favorite download free if we select your name this Sunday at 5pm !!!! 3 Winners!!