Baby it’s cold outside!

So Maddie and I are sitting here giggling through a WordPress tutorial and we decided to use this baby shot to express how we are feeling.  It’s 6 oclock and pitch black out the kind of night that you sew up something pretty or take a snooze  after a long day at the office.  We are just writing to say we hope you have a warm and cozy night  however you decide to spend it.  Sweet dreams.  Oh and if this is your baby we think it’s so adorable .  Let us know!!!

7 Responses to “Baby it’s cold outside!”

  1. Rachaeldaisy says:

    That is the sweetest baby photo!!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    I’ll babysit! Love her sweet outfit too!

  3. Allie says:

    It’s a great night for sewing – it’s the only thing keeping me warm at the moment, lol! That baby pic is too precious.

  4. MichelleRenee says:

    I love black on babies! I LOVE Bell Bottoms. I miss Bell Bottoms. Does fabric ever get reissued?

    Can I put in a request for more black fabric? That said, I cannot wait to buy some of the new line. Just where to put it?

    • good question ..I would say if there was a huge demand and a way to track it the manufacturers would be open to listening but for most quilters it seems new is the favored option. Thanks so much.. I loved Bell Bottoms too but i have to say that collection was not the most successful. all my best, Jennifer

  5. Mandi Clay says:

    Thank you so much for using my photo! This is my niece in some of my clothing. I love your fabric and i agree with MichelleRenee…Bring back the black!!!!!!!!!!

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