Nora Mae’s Legacy

So when I went to Springs Creative to visit I stayed in the historical Homestead built in 1790 by John Springs and saw first hand the rich history that Springfield Plantation held,  I was overcome with emotion.  A shack with Cotton written in white paint reminded me of all that came before me and the ancestors that grew cotton to support a thriving mill industry.  As Americans we are all part of that amazing legacy when America reigned supreme in the manufacturing of cotton.  The Homestead Still owned by the Springs family was beautifully maintained and  I couldn’t help but realize how  well preserved and how reverently everything was kept.  I saw slave quarters which is a very big part of  the cotton history at that time.  The Springs Family are  ambassadors to protecting and preserving the rich history of cotton..  A Beautiful  library of books with famous authors of the 18th and 19th century are immaculately kept. Letters from the 1500’s are documented. Rooms full of fabric and pieces from the earlier Springs collections are beautifully kept in their archives. I tell you they are amazing stewards of the Fabric manufacturing in this country.  I loved being in the presence of such enormous knowledge. So when I came upon Nora Mae and they told me she was the oldest living employe I was struck hard by all she’d seen in her long life.  The tales this woman could tell.  All the wonderful knowledge of the bygone years.  She saw manufacturing go overseas, I can’t imagine what that must have done overtime to these folks.  She saw an amazing bustling city time go dormant, Mills emptied out, buildings sold off.  How had she managed?  I knew shortly after I left South Carolina that I wanted to name a fabric line for this beautiful woman.  I was stunned by her lovely welcome and that southern charm as only someone of her upbringing would know.  I am blessed she loves the fabric line named for her.  It is my tribute to her and to everyone who ever worked at Springs.  I salute you, all of you. Thanks Nora Mae for being so beautiful to a girl on her first visit to your wonderful land.  Happy Land that is.  Nora Mae is sold under the Jenny Eliza brand for Joann’s all done by Me, Jennifer Paganelli.luckycharm


Come by today 11-1

I will be at Fairfield Woods Library Branch so come and make rosettes with me!!  In Fairfield CT.Free!!  The Library is at 1147 Fairfield Woods Road. From the Merrit northbound, take Exit 44.Make a L and then a R onto Rte 58/ Black Rock Tpk, head South to 3rd light, go L onto Fairfield Woods Rd. Go straight at the first stop sign, and you will see the Library on your R.  I’ll see you then!!! xo Will have books to sell too..Cash preferred.

Crazy Quilting

I don’t sew real well but I could make these all day.  I made this one for my daughter Katie.  I am doing so well with the sewing machine.  Nancy Geaney used to have to create the bobbins for me cause I was so handicap when it came to that.  But now it’s having major difficulties after this.  Doesn’t seem to love paper.  Hey sewing machine companies.  Please make a machine for paper.   I use wallpaper and sew fabrics right onto the paper.  But this machine no like.!!!



The Angie for Valentines Day!!

Flirty, Fun and it has pockets in case you are swept off your feet and need a kleenex!!! You know what I’m sayin..This is one of the New Crazy Love designs that you are all in love with and I wish I could blink to get it here faster but do the Angie up in one of your favorite red fabrics and start playing you some funky music. Valentine’s Day is drawing nearer!! If you are lucky he may propose with Marry Me by Train! Makes Monica Solorio-Snow  of Happy Zombie and I go crazy for that song!! Thanks to my wonderful Team Tim and Nancy Geaney, Madeline, Debra Wolf, Kelsey Harkness for a fabulous shoot!! You all are the best.

She’s done it again!!!

Lynn Harris of Little Red Hen demonstrates her love for color and the wonderful way she uses solids to create intricate rhythms !!  She is extremely clever and I could never thank her enough for such incredible beauty.  I am so grateful to Lynn and Monique of Sew Fun by Monique for their talents with Crazy Love.  I feel super blessed to be able to bring to the quilting community new takes on old techniques.  These are just amazing quilts with the ability to inspire and show you different configurations of the Crazy Love collection. And we are not stopping here.  2 more mystery guests will be showing their talents with this fabric collection so stay tuned..Thanks Lynn for being the amazing confidant quilter you are because you show others how easily it can be done..Hats off!!

Big Opportunity!!

Ok we are a bit late so we are making it worthwhile. 3 fatquarter bundles!!!  Yes that’s three not kidding..Leave a comment and Miss Midas touch Madeline will let you know next Sunday who won these Queen Street complete fat quarter sets!!  The 28th of November!!!!  Also a big shout out to Rosie at Fabric Shopper who keeps you coming back for more Sis Boom.  Rosie we appreciate what you do for the lifestyle quilting world!!!! Also

Carla has something up her sleeve so stay real close.

Leave a comment and say a prayer!! xoxoxox

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