Madeline my super assistant and all around Happy Girl and I were talking today about how much we love the fabric Madeline from Queen Street and up pops Jenny’s beautiful daughter Kelsey wearing the cutest frock made with Madeline in blue in our flickr group Sis Boom Sightings!  Thanks Jenny she’s so precious and we love the curls!!  Fabric here ask if she has more ebayers usually do!!!  Make sure to follow Jenny’s blog tour for Happy Home.  Thanks so much Miss Jenny!!

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  1. Jenny Fish says:

    We love you too girl! That Madeline fabric is one of my favorites hands down! I could sew and sew and sew from it. Good thing because I have lots of it now! =D Thank you for the sweet post!

  2. Really Really Cute!!!

  3. Kim says:

    Love the fabric, but she is lovely, her curls are awesome! What a great model. <3

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