This girl is on fire…

Denise Walker has been creating like Crazy!!!!!! You can totally see the joy!!!  Everytime her picture comes up on facebook you can hear her smiling.  Just in love with the girl and now you can see her wonderful choices on Made it!!  Denise you are contagious and everyone loves to see and hear from you but above all that you are having a good time.  Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for adding so much richness to our community on facebook.  We are loving everything in ButterFly Bees!


Hodge Podge

Sort of a weekly round up of good things around the play yard,  so great to see such excitement over Circa. Lynn Harris has her’s laid out and she just got a style board so she can play with shapes while she fashions a beautiful quilt, the excitement is contagious. And of course Miss Monique Reynolds has the beginnings of hers all cut out.  It’s such a wonderful day here, we love to see how you see the world and quilting is no exception.  Your visions take my breath away.  I’ve been showing off Laminate and beautiful vintage china on facebook and making hearts out of a fabric line I”m working on.  You know, always trying to bring the lush to your front door.  We also want you to know the shop will soon be filled with our beautiful pillows so be watching for them.  That’s about it for now please know we just think the world of each and every one of you!

Best, Jennifer

We love Fashion!!

Do to the long list we have for our silhouettes to become patterns I’m afraid we can’t tell you when this will debut.  Poor Carla is on vacation so I can’t make any promises but just know our commitment to beautiful quilts and apparel is first and foremost in our minds. We love our sewing community and try to develop items your heart can’t wait to produce.  We have been so blessed with an incredible following and never want to disappoint.  We also show this photo so you can see how the fabrics look.  So many of you never get to see the scale until you receive it in the mail or walk into a brick and mortar store.  This is our gal Debra who looks so perfect for a resort vacation.  We love how Nancy Geaney styled her hair and how Madeline put the perfect jewels. And of course to Tim Geaney for this beautiful portrait.

Here we are with this beautiful girl in Crazy Love’s Joann in Pink I love this dress and I love it long!!  Then we have Lynn Harris from Little Red Hen and her divine quilt and that beautiful patch by Monique! A seriously beautiful bed!!! Let us know what you think!!


Such an amazing word that expresses so much..when we say modern we refer to clean lines, simplicity, somewhat linear, we toss it around so much but it really is an amazing sensibility.  Modern is somewhat humble and delights in form.  In this photo by Heather Jones of her own work we see the wonderful diagonal of the ceiling, The white solid rectangle of the headboard ,the quilt softening all of the hard lines , not to mention the solid vertical quilted lines that carry you into the photo and the clay pots provide such visual relief.  It’s like a painting. Then the playful  colorful movement across the bed of the pinwheels done  in Crazy Love!!! I tell you it’s a still Life !! Heather it’s stunning!!!! I spy Girls World !!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo